Blood DK's need major nerfs

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I think Blood death knight is in it's best current states please buff other tanks thanks.
Nah make other tanks better
10/13/2018 10:44 AMPosted by Argorwal
So give all tanks the self healing of a DK on top of their mitigation?

you could always buff their mitigation....

10/13/2018 10:55 AMPosted by Aeolys
Try playing Frost right.


10/13/2018 12:44 PMPosted by Illiaster
Even if the damage is good, the kit is way unhealthy in terms of conceptual design.

in your opinion
Can’t we ask for buffs to bring other tanks in line with Blood DKs? After all, maybe it’ll cause others to try out tanking because it’s actually fun and a but OP.
10/13/2018 05:18 AMPosted by PlayerKZVLQH
buff prot warr/Guardian, problem solved.
10/13/2018 12:55 PMPosted by Dethpandemic
in your opinion

A spec that is supposedly supposed to be fast-paced (by Blizzard themselves) has the longest periods of waiting of ANY SPEC in the game, combined with the fewest APM of ANY SPEC in the game....should tell you something isnt right.
BDK is strong but this thread coming from the best tank spec for raids is hilarious, OP you are a meme.
Buff other tanks. Leave blood alone. Frost do is dependent on ONE ability in the talent tree. To me that is broken. Take some damage off BoS and put it in Oblit. Unholy is just a joke.
nothing needs to be nerfed. everything else just needs to be brought up to compete or match.

or do you really want a blizzard sized nerf hammer on blood death knight, making it unusable and trash?
Jealousy is bad hmmk?
WTF Bill Gates is so rich let’s tax him 300% the amount and bring him back down to earth like the rest of us mortals.
Brewmaster > Bdk btw.
10/13/2018 12:58 PMPosted by Illiaster
A spec that is supposedly supposed to be fast-paced (by Blizzard themselves) has the longest periods of waiting of ANY SPEC in the game, combined with the fewest APM of ANY SPEC in the game....should tell you something isnt right.

dont worry, at some point they will buff obliteration (easy mode) to be better able to compete.
10/10/2018 04:30 PMPosted by Braellynn
Blizzard how can you let this balance continue

3 times as many as the next spec.
Insane healing why even bring a healer lol just bring a dk. Hey why not 5

Fix your broken game or make m+ 150% more difficult

Buddy, monk pal, brohiem, breath with me....WoooooooSaaaaaaaa.

You play a BM monk and you need not worry this much.

But really, the DK probably will get a self healing nerf and a mitigation change to move it into a more healer dependent spot. I have no doubt about it at this point.

But it wont change the DKs representation because their tool kit is really what makes them what they are. You could make them the worst mitigation tanks in the game and people would take OP healers to drag along the best toolkit in the game still.
10/13/2018 01:04 PMPosted by Dethpandemic
dont worry, at some point they will buff obliteration (easy mode) to be better able to compete.

Which will be when they nerf BoS, and Obliteration will be the better trait choice in terms of DPS post nerfs but will never reach the same DPS level from before.
Alrite, I see tons of you nerds calling for Brewmaster nerfs. (I use the term nerds affectionately, after all I'm one too lol)

How would you nerf us, to make us still viable in m+ as well as still solid in raid?!?

Do you not understand the best defense against magic damage currently is

A). Self healing
B). Straight damage reduction cooldowns (like Barkskin, a str8 % DR buff. Ofc I'm not saying Bears are in a good spot or anything, just an example of a DR cooldown)

BrM have like zero self healing. If I'm not getting hit hard as a mofo, I'm not spawning orbs to heal. If I'm getting hit hard as a mofo, those orbs worth of healing don't amount to much at all anyways.

We have one DR cooldown on a 7 minute timer. Even with reducing that CD with our brew generation rotation, you'll rarely if ever see two uses of that defensive a raid fight, and it's damn sure not going to be up for every m+ tyrannical boss in your keystone group. Not gonna happen.

We are ideal raid tanks because raid bosses punch for physical damage, and they punch hard.

We are NOT ideal m+ tanks because m+ is always chock full or magic damage and DoTs, we have no self healing to speak of (F-U RNG ox orbs), and if you use our 7 minute def CD, you've just either boned yourself for the next m+ boss fight, or the next rough trash pull.

So, how would you nerf us but still keep us competitive in both? We already have the smallest HP pool out of all tanks, which means magic damage will rek us. And it does.

Nerf stagger? Not a solution. Moreso than any other tank, Brewmasters ARE the active mitigation tanks. We have to be, we don't have self healing or a plethora of defensive CDs to help us out.

If you think BrM are objectively OP all over the place, go do a mythic Island Expedition without a healer as a Brewmaster to see why you're wrong. Do that, then tell me how you'd nerf us to make us more "In-line" with other underpowered tanks.

"But but but method used 2 BrM for works first raid race!!!"

Yeah, none of us are Method. Aside from prot warrior, I'm psure for our level of play any other tank that's itemized and played well will do fine.

Also, why doesn't anyone mention Method Healers are incredibly good at what they do?!? It's never "Oh Method Healers were great and that's a huge reason why Method tanks are great" it's always "LUK WUT METHOD DOES OBV OP TANK CALSSRS MMMK?!?"

"But but but look at how many Brewmasters there are currently clearing Uldir!!!"

Ok, how many of those are band-wagon jumpers saw Method using Brewmasters and just copied what they do? Psure it's going to be relational to every fool that's in this thread calling for Blood DK nerfs because THE BEST PLAYERS IN THE GAME were able to do a m+ with 5 Blood DKs. My Veng DH does some thing infinitely better than my Brewmaster. Some things that are rough AF on my Brewmaster are a delight to do on my Vengeance DH.

We aren't them. Stop pretending like every Brewmaster or Blood DK is automatically on par with Method tanks. We aren't. Don't tune around the best players in the game, you fools.
Don’t nerf them, bring others up to their level you socialist...
10/13/2018 09:10 AMPosted by Tewa
10/13/2018 08:20 AMPosted by Balegrim
Buffs AND nerfs are needed. The distance from the median between both top and bottom tanks is far too much.

Honestly, DKs are crap tanks in Uldir. That’s the trade-off. However, it’s also lazy balancing.

Look at the numbers I have posted. Death Knights are the TOP tanks in Mythic Uldir.


As if Mythic Raiders are well known for bringing "crap" classes in their raids, right?

Are you kidding? Why are all the top-tier Myhic guilds running double BRM then? Representation =\= optimal efficacy. People pick DK because of Mythic+, not raid tanking. That’s the correlation you’re lookin for here. Get a clue.
You all are killing me who are not pointing out the obvious... BrM's point at DK's and DK's point at BrM but no one talking about the elephant in the room. How can Blizzard improve Pally, Warrior, DH, and Bear's?
OP, just stop!
The entire function of a BDK is the fact that their Mitigation IS their Healing.
Albeit, the fact that they plan ahead & death strike like theirs no tomorrow to have the absorb shell prior to the hit or save the runic power for after the hit.
The only thing to mention about a BDK is that they are the on the bottom of the food chain when it comes to mobility overall, they run like they're wearing lead lined shoes.
10/13/2018 05:52 AMPosted by Khileeha
They shouldn't be nerfing any tank until they have buffed the under performing tanks.

Nerfing blood and Bwm today wouldn't make prot and bears competitive. So calling for nerfs beforehand is asinine.
If they nerf them enough prot and bears could be competitive.

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