Looking for weekends? Come here!

Guild Recruitment
bump for the best way to spend your weekends
legendary bump
Just found out OE has a weekend team now too! Oh my goodness! Hype! Fill the Mythic weekend guilds my friends!
need more QTs for our server please
Friends, we await.
This realm is okay at raiding. You will have fun, or else.
I need to clear Normal eventually.
I wish I didn't have class all day on Tuesdays.
Turalyon is good, Turalyon is great, join us
Everyone is nice and brainwashed. Bwah, ha, ha!
To the top!
All those guilds breaking up, you need to come check our guilds out!
Easily the best realm I've been on! Come raid with us!
Oh no! I have no idea why I died?!
Choo choo!
Do some Pve content with a guild here.
choo choo :P
Turalyon pride! Best server I've been on in years

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