Looking for guild on Thunderhorn

Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
Man, getting harder and harder to find a guild. Lol. Been back for about 4 weeks since my last days with WOTLK. Looking for an active guild during the days mostly. I work for myself so my times are sporadic, but I am finding myself getting stuck on dungeon quests and I remember pugs being a nightmare. Just wanna have fun and join forces. My goal is to get into raiding, but with my random play times, its hard to be static. If you think we can accommodate each other, let me know.

Thanks in advance.
I guess I should also say that I also get on alot of late nights. Normally 10-11pm EST as well.
And my current characters are:

Myrridorn: 120 Worgan Druid
Atiles: 111 NE DH
Kieldorn: 82 NE Hunter
Shammeister: 81 Dreaini Shaman
Wambo: 64 Tauren DK
Lockmeister: 62 Gnome Warlock

Got some others but still lowbies

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