The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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What did you all think?

I mean, the heavy handed agenda pushing they did in the first couple episodes made me roll my eyes across the street, but after that when they really started focusing on the actual plot, instead of political messages, i think it was a pretty good show to binge on.

I mean, it is still kind of weird that they turned an old archie comic/animated series/late 90's teen sitcom into a dark and gritty netflix series, but i've seen weirder adaptations.

I like the cat they picked out to play Salem, it was adorable. Shame it didn't get more screen time because the actress they picked to play Sabrina was allergic to cats. Makes me question why they didn't just do a CGI cat or a crappy looking puppet like the 90's version (low key disappointment about the lack of crappy puppet)
Loved it. It was creepy and delicious! I thought it would be one of those super cheesy teen dramas with a bit of witchy stuff, but nope. I was wrong. It was great, it was demented and exciting. I'm excited to watch season 2

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