website not updating my M Uldir kills

Website Bug Report
I am 5/8M. from a few days ago. I logged out many times. but website still hasn't updated. Please fix this for me technicians~
I also realized I did king rest +11 at least, but my in game record shows I only did it best run was +4. This was two weeks ago. Also fix this please.
I'm having this same issue with my last heroic kill
Got Zul but hasnt updated in 3 days still showing as 5/8. Same with others in my guild
Same issues with me here. Its not tracking my heroic kills on my rogue and my lock. This has been a thing for a week now.
H G'huun and M Taloc down, but no update. G'huun was Friday, Taloc was about 25 hours ago.

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