Zandalari Monk, but no Warlock or Paladin?

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Zandalari have had poor relations with Pandaria, there's been no signs of Zandalari monks in the lore but there's been plenty of lore for Warlocks and Paladins... yet Zandalari get MONK? What?
Yeah its... pretty bad. No particular reason to be monks at all and plenty of reasons to pick up either of those two classes.
Makes no sense, I thought Blizzard said the classes were about what makes sense for them lore wise? How does this remotely make sense?
Next allied race I don't have to bother. Really blizz, this feels bad, man.
Disappointed about ztroll paladins, but then I see they're getting an rng racial active, which makes me not want to roll one anyway.

Mag'har copy/paste or rtb 2.0?

It's gross either way.
Yeah that's weird. I'm fine without Kul Tiran mages because Tidesages could fill the same roles in lore, but this doesn't make sense.
*sad trombone*
/tinfoil hat

I think Blizzard denied Zandalari Paladins because as a means of addressing faction disparity. I have nothing to prove this. but it does seem like a semi-effective way of doing so.
I like how Zandalari prelates are a part o their culture and are gutted... but we instead get monks of which their only known knowledge of them was as enemies.

GG Blizz

Seems to have been a mistake, and Zandalari Paladins are now listed as a playable class, so yay!
Makes no sense not to have zandalari's be warlocks. I don't care for lore but pretty sure the reasoning behind classes being assigned races is because of lore. How does this not apply in this situation?
Zandalari trolls have been warlocks in the past. Why undo this change now?

What's the point of me wearing a Zandalari demoniac's threads as a warlock? Is Griftah behind this?
I'm going to try my best to be completely unbiased here in my explanation considering Zandalari Monks is all I ever wanted.

Zandalari are prideful, but acknowledge strength. Pandaren are one of their ancient enemies. It is completely appropriate that Zandalari would never wish to take up the style of fighting that they were beaten with in both the past and more recent times, just as it is fitting that they would recognize that there is strength in fighting in such ways and adapting it themselves. Pandaren themselves probably don't care, as long as they aren't enemies now a Pandaren would sit back and drink with any Zandalari willing to join them. Because of this mindset, the Pandaren would have no issues teaching if the Zandalari were willing to learn.

I think it is actually more fitting for Zandalari to be monks than it is not, Zandalari are very naturally affiliated with the world. This shows in their selection of every "natural" class; hunters, druids and shamans. Monks are very much the same, but it is more of a mindset. The August Celestials are very comparable to the Zandalari's Loa and Loa priests are not really that different from monks who train under a Celestial's style or guidance. I'm sure that many of them would find a place under Xuen's teachings about strength and power.

Pardon if I didn't go into as much detail as I would have liked, but the TLDR is that it is more fitting for Zandalari to be monks and the only thing that would prevent them from doing so is being prideful about it.
I would've been upset if mages could not be zandalari, so I understand how warlocks must feel. I see no reason why those can't be part of the class options for zandalari.

Honestly at this point I'm not really sure why there are class restrictions on races at all anymore. People just want to personalize and customize.
I almost cried when I saw no paladin listed as a class. Then I complained and refreshed the page a few hundred times and it appeared. I'll support Ravoks and Toastie in hopes that blizzard will add Warlocks as they did Paladins.
Literally the last straw for me. Not coming back for 8.1.
I factionchanged my paladin to grind the rep for zandalari unlock to factionchange my alliance warlock MAIN to horde as a zandalari.

They f***king cut warlock for paladins, just so they wouldnt give zandalari 10 classes (still 2 more than kultirans, and those are missing mage. JAINA BTW)
Redundant thread.
Prayers answered. Blizz can't get people to select the right classes on the website lol.

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