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11/02/2018 05:59 PMPosted by Eskylidi
I saw happier faces at Democratic HQ, last election time.

11/02/2018 05:59 PMPosted by Eskylidi
I saw happier faces at Democratic HQ, last election time.

Hahaha woooooow!
90% of it could honestly have been tweets. We get some new spicy memes though so we got that going for us.
The Wow Panel was nice. I'm glad they didn't talk about 8.1 much if at all, because its all over 3rd party data mining sites.

But that Diablo announcement....y i k e s.
I'm actually surprised at you people:

There were quite a few things I'm excited for, in World of Warcraft. I'm not sure what you expected?

I get Gnome Heritage armor, that I actually LIKE!



Warfront and Island improvements/more stuff!

Previous Poster:

WC3, Reforged, is 29 bucks. You said more than 20 is a hard pass? Come on, 9 bucks more?

As far as "Classic Wow", you do realize that:

Actual Vanilla was not a "better Vanilla" than "Private Servers?" It was MUCH WORSE. So Classic Wow is not going to be BETTER, it is going to be HORRIBLE, like it was back then. PEOPLE ASKED FOR THIS. I'm amazed. It was literally THE WORST WOW.
11/02/2018 05:57 PMPosted by Orduck
Hit me!!!

Don't forget the safe word.
Diablo: YIKES

Overwatch: I dont play

Hearthstone: looks ok, but not mindblowing

WC3: WOOT! Excited for this! Bring on the meat wagon.

HotS: Lots of changes, we will see.

WoW: Art team is amazing, but if we have the same systems in place for 8.XX that we do for current BFA then I dont really care what we have to do in that patch. Azerite still sucks, itemization still sucks, abilities are still pruned and boring. We need systems changes if more content is going to have any impact. The issue even now isn't a lack of content, its my lack of will to do any of it.
Starting to feel like they are ruining their games on purpose.
HotS: Why is a game that's supposed to be about Blizzard characters from across their franchises fighting adding a character that's not from any Blizzard franchise?

Hearthstone: What was expected

Overwatch: What was expected

WoW: Bad Anduin/Saurfang cinematic, good night elf cinematic. Nothing to really get excited for.

WC3 remastered: Great. Glad Blizzard is remastering the best of the RTS games, I look forward to playing it again.

Diablo: Why? Just why?

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