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Like the title says; this is a suggestion about a new mount. i was thinking to make a new mount called; Merchant's wagon.

This mount would have you driving a wagon with animals pulling it. the mount would have vendors with you, but you can kicked them, so your friends can ride with you. the vendors of this mount would be a repair vendor, a general vendor to sell junk, and a transmogging vendor to change your armor.

I think this mount would be good for groups, raids that are starting and also be good for those roleplayers.
We already have a mount that does those things....but I like where you'e going...maybe a land mount...that looks like the gilneas carriage from the worgen starting area, with the vendors you describe...but you can climb in the back and it's a rest area too.

So toons leveling could log off at a quest site or climb in the back and change talents without running to an inn.

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