Where is your Vanilla character?

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Unfortunately I didn't see where WoW was going til well into BC, qq
11/04/2018 12:02 PMPosted by Darem
Hey guys!

SOON - we are back! Finally :) Summer '19!

So, where are your untouched vanilla character? Post away :)

Andagony, valiant protector of the Alliance, perished and was raised Gleamer, cruel Warlock of the mighty Horde, in undeath and currently resides in a cave perched above the scarlet monastery using alchemy to desperately try and restore his life with the assistance of Barthang, his voidwalker.
This is my vanilla main. Raided MC through Naxx 4H on this character during vanilla. Was my main all the way through Legion.
On an account I have not been able to recover :( I think I deleted all of the gear on my main when I left back then, but I would be curious to see what I have stashed in the bank.
11/06/2018 05:37 PMPosted by ChaoxCC981D9
My Orc Warrior, Havox, yet slumbers on Hyjal. Played him 15 years ago and didn't touch him since.

But he will be reborn soon. His time has returned. And this time, he will finally find his destiny.

Cheering for you bro :)

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