[H] Friend and I LF WeekendGuild M+ & Raid

As the title says, a friend and I are looking for a guild that focuses on M+, but also raids at least 8/8H. I would prefer to focus on farming heroic rather than pushing mythic.

We are currently pushing +10-12 keys with pugs, but looking for people to play with consistently. We also would like to be doing raid content to acquire the required raid gear.

Prot Paladin (myself) :
377 iLvl with 7/8H (all pugged) exp (7/11M Antorus as dps before Feb 2018)
930 Raider.io M+ score and looking to improve
Resto Druid/MW Monk (Buddy):
375+ iLvL with 7/8H (all pugged) exp (Mythic NH exp)

Both are Horde - Tich, looking if your guild focuses M+ and doesnt raid, we will take that too, were just in need of a community to be a part of.
We raid heroic and clear it on saturday nights. Id say join and do the heroic runs and during the week run your mythic pluses. We have plenty of people who run them.


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