I support a level squish

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I don't think a level squish is worth the effort.

They just need to add more stuff to leveling, like "ranks" we get as we level.

Getting skills randomized would be interesting as well to keep it interesting, but I prefer an artifact like talent tree that we completely fill out by the end.
I made a post about this topic a while back and got crucified by the community for it. Ironic how after 1 person says it at blizzcon all the sudden it gains tons of traction
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I dont, its too much power loss.


Power is a flat line from 1 to 110+ right now because mobs continually scale upwards with your character and gear.

Removing 1/2 the levels in the game wouldn't change that one bit. It would allow for a much more frequent ability and talent gain for character progression though.

Because we already had a couple Ilvl squish, Got artifacts a HUGE power gain and something that coulda been used more actively and be the new talent system. We lost all that power and had another ilvl squish with it.

Stripping levels down not only !@#$s with old raids and expansions but also strips up of more power. We dont just lose Level number but stats also. Thats 2 Power drops in one action.

Its a stupid idea no matter what. Even if stats arent messed with [they would be] we lose something that is a part of leveling.. we lost levels we lost all that time spent doing it along with the power we gained doing it by getting new talents/gear thats a total of 3 power strips in one action.

Then with the scaling currently going on stripping us of power thats 4, 5 if you include dungeon scaling which may be going on also. Sure it caps but still its a power strip.
I think we need a character squish as well. All races should be gnome/goblin height from now on.
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I think we need a character squish as well. All races should be gnome/goblin height from now on.
I think a gnome-sized Tauren would be adorable!
Ya we do really need to be 60 again.. I don't dig the 130 - 150 in the future.

Just squish it..
I don't support a level squish because so many systems are built off player level. Look at how bad the ilvl squish(es) have been, now imagine a system that touches even MORE components than gear being modified 14 years down the road.

What they need to do is re-think what "leveling" means in WoW.
Part of the levelling "Feel" is due to the removal of proper talent tree's or points, and the removal of spell rank training, There is very very little to look forward to while levelling now and it makes it tedious, add to that its all indicating you need to rush to end game, problem is at end game there is also very little to look forward to, right now nearly nothing is certain.

It makes it tedious to even look at an alt without boosting it.

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