Official M+ Leaderboards BUG.

Website Bug Report
Apparently some runs of mythic+ keystones don't register to the official Mythic Dungeon Leaderboards (

My group did a 18 SoB and 18 Underrot last week (Fortified, Bursting, Quaking, Infested) and then we got 17's of those very same keys which we proceeded to +1. 18 depleted into 17 +1'd for both of the keys. When we checked the leaderboards we could not find the 17's on time there but the 18's that we did not make on time were there.
I had the same issue last night with a TD +10, we should've been rank 37 in my server, but we weren't there. Submitted a ticket and he told me to post here, they're looking into it.
Yeah my group just got screwed by this. Depleted key is on the leaderboard and the chested key is not.

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