Azeroth at War achievements

Been trying to finish Azeroth at War: The Barrens and Azeroth at War: Kalimdor on fire. I have been working on it since launch and check the mission table at least twice a day. I cannot get Steamwheedle Alliance or Recapture Silverwind Refuge to pop up. Those are the last two I need......

Anyone else have a mission or two they just cant seem to get?

Is there a prerequisite that I am missing?

Or are the missions linked in anyway that I need to do a related mission to get the final one like a mission table chain or something?
I'm missing Steamwheedle Alliance and Dalaran Ritual. I'm not sure if I just missed them early on before I realized what these achievements were for - or if they just haven't spawned yet or maybe they spawned when I was out for a week.
It took a very long time to get my last one... Echo Isles Fleet I think? But it's all just an RNG fest, have to just check often, do as many as you can to turn them over, and cross your fingers.

It isn't like WQs where it's the same for everybody so a long drought is really noticeable and we're all stuck on the same thing together. Every toon's table is different and so some people are going to be unlucky.
Still waiting on the one last mission I need for 1 of the 3 achievements on my main. I was gone to Blizzcon for a week . . . .
I felt the same way, but they will show up eventually. I just kept knocking out whatever quests showed on the board hoping it would speed up the process. Eventually, I got the achievement.
Got my last one last night. Just gotta wait!
I'm just missing Echo isle navy and Steamweedle alliance. I finished the other two, but these are playing hard ta get.
I honest to god waited on Steamwheedle Alliance and Dancing With The Dark Rangers on my paladin for a month.

In that time I watched it pop at least twice on my various alts but thankfully I somehow got both of them on the pally in back to back days so yay

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