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As being a student of computer animation, rigging and 3d modeling while being nowhere near professional, I'd say I would be doing far more damage than good. Fired instantly.
First, I find and take ALL the muffins.

Second, I seek out Todd (because everything is always Todd's fault, why not let him actually commit the crime that he'll be getting the blame for). We go up to the roof and toss all the muffins off of it at the people walking below.

1. New Engineering item 'Precision Portal Projector' creates a portal to summon party and raid members. 5% chance of failure sending summoned player to a random hostile faction city.

2. New UI option 'Disable Camera Shake' Disables all screen shake effects. (Gives me bad headaches)

3. Nerf Demon Spikes and increase base armor and self healing for vengeance.

4. Move Guardian Druid remake to top of Blizzards to do list.

5. Flip 'Enable Flying' switch, and then delete the switch.
11/07/2018 11:35 AMPosted by Menard
You've mistakenly been hired by Blizzard. At the end of the a day their systems will figure out the mess up. But since this is make-believe, you have access to change anything.

How much damage or good do you do before you're forced out?

Mekkatorque Underoos for all gnomes!



And since IRL my thing is designing 3D clothing models and riding motorcycles I'll design some kickass leather biker armour for rogues.
/feigns complete surprise: To find Blizzard HQ is actually Dr. Evil's Hollowed out Volcano Lair, renovated with Ion Hazalitosis's face... but still bald with a monocle and the cute little fingers salute. Immediately begin setting synchronized shape charges in all strategic locations timed to go off as they march me out the front...door? Does the lair have a door? Do I have to swim out?
11/07/2018 02:13 PMPosted by Milynde
What I wouldn't give to work for Blizzard in the WOW department <sigh>.
Instead of working as a trauma therapist in ER's every night
Why would you trade a cushy job dealing with simple trauma, when Blizz is a mass casualty event in progress?
1.- Use the destroyed half of Queltalas to create a new home for the Amani, force them to live with the Elves, and join the Horde.
2.- Delete every void elf char, ban every void elf player.
3.- Release the Forest Trolls as playable race.
I'd add sooooooooo many cosmetic glyphs. Like, think of a cosmetic glyph idea and I'd add it. This is what the glyph system needs to become if it's going to be ignored for serious stuff.

They'd have different qualities based on how radical the changes are. Simple things like color alterations would be the most simple to make while the most insanely detailed ones would take some work to build (but never require raid/mythic materials.)

And at the top, glyphs designed to change animations for classes with multiple orders into more appropriately themed animations for their order. Sunwalkers will finally be Sunwalkers!

Scribes would love me for life.
you can now play wow with a controller, and wow now plays like kingdom hearts, button combos, unique action cameras and perfect in game chat
Fix class design and delete the whole asserite system.

I might've done a huge million dollar favor for blizzard.

You're welcome.
Remove either Titanforging or LFR, dunno which is really the worse of the two
if we can assume i can also make those changes go into live in that same day.

-put back reforging
-rework titan forging to only apply a +15 ilvl and warforge a +10
-Put back in item upgrades to upgrade them with valor points to warforged then titan forged
-put valor back in
-remove GCD
-remove AZ traits and have it only on the necklace
-push out as the code base,
-delete all other builds of the game so they are forced to use my new build and cant do a roll back
If I had unlimited power? I'd do three things without question instantly:

1.) Everyone involved in system development/design I'd fire in a heartbeat. Azerite gear, class mechanics/design/balance, island expedition (not the people who created the content itself, the people who decided what the rewards would be complete and utter garbage), the person(s) responsible for making professions trash and leaving in broken enchantments and changing tailoring spellthreads a week after release of the expansion, probably the same guys who decided to jack up the xp in 7.3.5 (that they are finally walking back in 8.1) are in there but if they aren't I'd find them whatever they are working on, etc. Everyone of those guys would be shown the door.

2.) Then I'd immediately give everyone who works on story/art/world stuff a raise. Those guys do an amazing job and unfortunately because the core of the game is run by people completely out of touch with reality and they're ruining the game for everyone, the awesome stuff the world builders/storytellers create gets overshadowed by negative gameplay experiences.

3.) The third thing I'd do is implement policies wherein the new people who are responsible for class development/design must communicate design philosophy in two distinct ways. First, a dev blog speaking about class balance/design philosophy they release on a weekly basis similar to the dev blogs that Ghostcrawler used to do. Whether it's about the state of aoe or sustained vs. burst (as examples) or nuanced mechanical discussions is up to them, but I'd recommend they hit the design/balance topics that are cropping up regularly in discussions on the forums. Second, each raid tier will have a postmortem regarding every single specs performance by the people responsible for overseeing class balance. There would effectively be one for PvE addressing both raids and M+ and then one for PvP. This postmortem would then be followed by class changes targeting the spec problem areas discussed before the next tier of content is released, whether it's a PvP season or a new raid tier with corresponding M+ scaling.
THIS would be so very awesome. Assuming I could actually program my short (very short) list is:
Replace Pathfinder with pre MOP flight system
Reinstall Major, minor glyphs
Roll back Profession system to pre WOD and improve
Roll back herb/mining farming pre WOD ( you pick or mine it, it's temp. gone )
Add new profession, race, class
Increase total number of aviators allowed per account
Design player survey system ( Y/N one answer per question per account )
Add 'temporary" new quest and treasure chest throughout all of Azaroth
Add way to take boat from SW to Kalimdor post Legions
Go back to system where we had to return to trainers to lvl up
Rethink / remove some QOL changes ( too many to single out )
Dachshund mounts.

Rename the Zandalari capital to Zul'Azeel.
1) Roll back class balance/classes core to 7.1.5 (or 7.3.5 gameplay if the other is not possible)
2) Remove level scaling from 7.3.5
3) Make classes fun again; stat nerf has left some alts classes feeling worse than others.
4) Depending on when, make Nazjitar more engaging than Vash'jir.

5) Create a Legion Legacy server and a WoD legacy server from the end of the expansion with all raids and content unlocked. & Release Classic, whatever is ready or help move along that process/testing beta/ptr etc. If I stumble upon the infamous 'WoD Pristine Server' mentioned in Q&A's and this exists, release that also. For at least a day, everyone would be able to have fun again.

6) Quest to burn Azerite armor in favor of new Void artifacts and bring back tier sets. Examining what worked in Legion and stopping production of any unstarted islands or warfronts.

7) PvP vendors, just like WoD and MoP had.
8) Immediate release of Incursions, for alt leveling (8.1 seems too far off)
11/07/2018 12:00 PMPosted by Ythisens
I change everyone's boot models to be rabbits, thus giving everyone bunny slippers in one move.

I'm promoted on the spot to co-Game Director.

Hire this guy!

Oh wait....

Promote this guy!

Make bunny slippers a Noblegarden even transmog item!!!!
My first day at work. I would go to the employee break room and eat the sandwich of the biggest fish in the pond. I'd probably leave half of it in the trash, because Im pretty sure they would be overcompensating and bring a sandwich that they couldnt possibly eat in one sitting. Fortunately, I wouldnt be able to help myself to be a nice enough guy to point them to the trashcan that I placed it.
Delete everything related to Diablo Immortal.
find and rig the most complicated model in the entire company so well they hire me anyway :D

(for those who may not know, rigging, in this case, is creating a control system to allow animation on a particular model.)

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