Play with the Blues - Nov 8

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11/07/2018 04:40 PMPosted by Lore
We're planning another testing session for the new Darkshore Warfront coming in Tides of Vengeance, and would love for you to join us!

Tomorrow, November 8, beginning at 4 PM Pacific time (7 PM Eastern), we'll be queuing for the new Warfront. As with previous tests, we'll be making a couple PTR-only changes: there will be special queuing tables set up in Orgrimmar and Zandalar, and any character level 110 or higher will be able to participate.

Additionally, there are a couple of changes to the Darkshore zone that we've enabled for testing purposes which we'd like to clarify. All of the Darkshore World Quests are currently active on PTR, and both factions are able to loot the treasures scattered around the zone. After release, only the faction that currently holds the zone will be able to loot the treasures, and only a handful of the World Quests will be enabled at any one time.

We hope to see you tomorrow evening!

Cant, BM hunter still not allowed in pvp

Pls buff
11/10/2018 03:06 PMPosted by Ponypwn
11/10/2018 02:54 PMPosted by Gobbyjr
these forums are kind of mean,

the truth can be perceived as mean sometimes

I get that but lore is just a community manager and doesn't really have direct control over what the people are complaining about, if they have complaints about class balance they should make threads addressing them in the appropriate sections instead of jeering at him when they're trying to post about an in game event about playin with the devs
I've been playing with the blues this entire xpac.
11/12/2018 05:09 PMPosted by Gobbyjr
they should make threads addressing them
Obviously - you haven't read many of the other forums lately have you. What you suggest doesn't work so we'll try this. But hey, thanks for coming to their defense - I'm sure class balancing is just fine now.
This was an embarrassing topic for players, imo.

Literally demanding a blue to fix your dumb Mac client.

Play on a real PC.

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