Shadow Needs UTILITY to be Viable.

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11/12/2018 09:01 AMPosted by Merise
The mana passive would be a nice utility for raids, but then blizzard would just nerf healers, especially disc, around having one or two shadow priests in the raid. This is NOT a good design. It would also do nothing for mythic + competition, for when groups have to decide on bringing a spriest or boom/mage/lock.

Shadow needs shroud, or if not shroud, the aura needs to be heals for damage done, and a cooldown that triples it so it can be used as a minor healing cooldown. The blanket seems OP in a raid, so reduce it to 5 players only and make it a smart heal. This way we have small utility heal blanket in raid, but for mythic + it would be a nice blanket for the entire group. If the raid heal cooldown now seems week, have the cooldown not only triple the healing for damage, but make it raid wide.

The end result would be a strong healing cooldown, about half of a real healers cooldown for raids, and a passive 5 man smart heal blanket baseline. The result in mythic plus would be an added heal blanket with a cooldown. This healing utility would be a strong reason to consider shadow for one or two raid spots, and a viable option for one mythic plus spot, but it wouldn’t be too op. If group needs lust, get that, but if not, drums plus healing is an option, or maybe no shroud but healing, or maybe with spreist and a healer, groups would consider bres less. Basically this would make us a viable option without placing us above the other options. Giving us shroud would do the same, as long as we could cast it while mounted. Again, right now, we are not an option, but this would make us one, but also make it so that we are not so op that we have to be taken all the time, like certain classes are atm. Right now rouges and mages and DH is where it’s at, with a side of boomkin, warlock, and BM hunter. This same type of unique utility needs to happen across the board for classes, or exiting utility needs to be passed around, so we can all be options. We should be able to pick our poison with pros and coms to each class. Right now some classes have all the good and little bad.

I like the idea of leech heals on 5 players. They could make that passive and have VE a CD that makes it raid wide for x seconds.
Up. Blizzard, we NEED a utility to become a class that is on the tier two list of classes to bring with a rouge and DH. Right now, it’s rouge, plus a DH, plus one of the following. lock, boomkin, BM hunter, Mage it is possible to replace the DH with a tier two melee, war, wwmonk, surv hunter, but that is it and rarely done at higher keys. You are right, the community sees some classes as worse than they actually are, but some classes really are tier three in dps and then on top of that they have no bres or shroud or slows or lust to make up for it. If you won’t fix our dps, won’t fix our rotation, then please please please give us shroud or bres or this healing utility so we can make it on the list of possible classes to invite with the tier one guys.

THIS is HUGE. This IS a big problem. You can blame the “community” all you want but it is absolute fact that a rouge with a decent amount of experience ( or a mage or a DH, can que for whatever key they want and because of the things outlined over and over by the community, they get an invite within a few requests. Shadow and feral and shamans(Elemental is not as bad) have to que for 50-60-70 dungeons and have to have a higher experience rating to even get one invite. THIS IS A PROBLEM!!!!!! I have continually que’d for over an hour before to 12-15 keys with no invites. My mage gets an invite with far less gear and 200 less in 3-5 minutes EVERY TIME. Please fix it.

Don’t nerf them, buff us please. And if you are afraid of messing up raid dps balance numbers, then GIVE THESE CLASSES utility!!! Give us bres, give us lust, give us shroud, give us a new utility like the healing one outlined here. Give us something!

You cannot say that giving bres or shroud or a low CD aoe stun like DH has is a raid imbalance. Most raid throngs are immune. SO FIX THE PROBLEM. It seems so obvious.
UP. GIVE US A UTILITY. ALL Tier 3 classes need it !!!!
Priests are support give Shadow utility that supports

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