Lvling from 1, where to find pole arms?

Im trying to level as a Survival Hunter (BLIZ PLZ bring back ranged surv :( ) and Im having a hard time getting weapon upgrades...

I Have my loot spec set to survival but all of my quest rewards seem to be bows and guns ? I dont want to use heirlooms and my weapons seem to be based on random drops from mobs or vendor whites (which are obviously horrible).

Is there any checkpoints you know of where I can pick up a pole arm on my way through northrend/cata/mist and draenor?
There might be agi staves you could use, too.

Off the top of my head, I can't recall many polearms dropping from quests aside from maybe zone quest finales. Better be is to hit up wowhead and see what dungeons drop stuff.

Also there may be some agi 2h swords and axes here and there.

Finally, make sure your loot specialization is set to survival, just in case.
You're able to use sword and axe iirc.
All agi DPS polearms available between level 65-80 and their sources.

You may have to search within the results for polearm
You gonna be struggling if you dont want to use heirlooms as you seen.
Staffs can be used as well js

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