I miss Legion

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BfA so far /meh.

I mean it's not terrible, but ...
I miss Mists of Pandaria
While I think WotLK was the best expansion to date I do miss the balance at the end of MoP.
I miss MoP as well. Most fun I have had in an expansion.

I miss WotLK as those were my beginner days.
WotLK story felt the most genuine of them all, and I miss the class design from MoP.
I also dearly miss Timeless Isle, i have so much memories there, and also enjoyed the questline of Isle of Thunder.

if they somehow mashed the best of both expansions into one that would be perfect
Yeah WotLK and Mop are up on my favorites list. WOD was a disaster, Legion was ok but could have been sooo much better, and BFA is a cool story bro .... Don't get me wrong i like raid and the story is nice so far. I could sweep the rest under a rug and be happy
Wrath, I was most excited about "The Warcraft Universe". There was still the magic of "seeing the Warcraft III things from the inside! Holy Crap!" and the story of the characters.

Mists, I had most fun with "the game". Seige of Ogrimmar, for normal/heroic and even LFR just seemed like a damn fun and well-balanced raid, timeless isle had it's moments, the world bosses and rares were difficult and (more) fun (than they are now.. do we even call them bosses now? Loot Pinatas is actually entirely apt). Farm was worth a smirk and a half, and a few minutes of my day. Somehow it was just a much better, if still definately imperfect, balance of game design, difficulty and "fun".
11/09/2018 03:54 PMPosted by Drakoskai
BfA so far /meh.

I mean it's not terrible, but ...

I want your Helmet.

And BFA gives us this armor set that your helmet is a part of.

Therefore its the best expansion ever for me.
Why does everyone hate on BFA I enjoy it Story is great sure its got some flaws but as I keep telling people its pretty good the zones music and story are all great... And from what I seen of the horde zones when I been going to them for my dailys their good..

Looking forward to leveling up my horde toons once my alliance ones are done....

BFA= Top quality in Story and music...

Gameplay = quite a few issues from what I understand since so many people have been complaning...

Overall rating 7.5 out of 10 aka B+.

So get out their play and stop visting fourms so much its a Toxic and at times sad place just enjoy the expansion and dont let others negativity get to you and ruin your fun of the game. Stay postive and you will have a good time.!!!
I miss it too... (sad little Gnomish sigh). I also miss Pandaland (then again I have a character who refuses to leave and stays at his farm so it's all good).

Cookies for all!
This expac is all money grab so far. Produce least amount of content--time gate heavily-increase grind in all areas--->> PROFIT

I miss legion too lol
I miss Yrel.
me too
Burning Crusade!
So do a whole lot of players. I was just wasting some time doing Legion Worldquests. The zones are packed with lvl 120 players. Feel a bit bad for the lower level player trying to level up through Legion content as the mobs are being whacked by the 120 gangs...
I’m still liking BFA (casually). But BC , MoP, and Legion are still the best 3 expansions for me!
I don't miss Legion because I'm still playing it on all my characters.

Give me a reason to buy BfA and I will.
11/09/2018 03:56 PMPosted by Swiftraven
I miss Mists of Pandaria
Same. Not even because the game was better at the time ( which it was, but that's not my point.)

It was when I was actively playing with friends, raiding, achievement/mount/tmog hunting, and simply had more time and desire to play.

All the classes felt at their best during MoP. Especially Warlocks.
Legion was awesome, imo.
I also miss MOP and Legion wish they would revert hunters and other classes back to MOP glory days and let us keep using the awesome artifacts instead of forcing piece of crap so called normal worthless boring weapons on us.

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