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11/13/2018 11:31 PMPosted by Notoffensive
For the shaman that haven't given up hope yet, Pop on PTR, test the changes, and leave feedback of SOME kind. Let us know if these changes actually do anything.

The problem is the only changes impacting gameplay is the removal of the Maelstrom generation of Lightning Shield and the cooldown reduction of Overcharge. The change to Lightning Shield makes it a boring passive as it longer floods you with Maelstrom which you have to react to. It is just a band-aid for an underlying, far bigger problem, the overall Maelstrom generation/spender system.

For the rest all the talents have been tested extensively during beta and live, the only changes are number changes, the impact of which can be easily simulated. Thus there is not much feedback to be given and all the feedback pertaining the real problems -which have not been addressed- has been given over and over and over again.

It is simply frustrating and exhausting to keep repeating the same feedback, reiterating to formulate it in a clearer way, just to realize that you might have a better discussion with a wall.

TL;DR: There is nothing really new to give feedback on, as there is barely anything new impacting our playstyle. Additionally, it is frustrating to comment the same things over and over again.
11/14/2018 11:49 AMPosted by Turbocharged
I guess everyone is giving up. Cant blame any of us. 6 days on my sub. Thats about it for me.

I've got 11 days. They held that carrot on a stick in front of me for as long as they could.

"Don't worry we know the Shaman DPS specs aren't up to par, we'll have the changes we planned ready for 8.1"

Turns out the big changes that required an entire content patch for was number tuning.


Congratulations! Your design team is an embarrassment. If you put as much time into making classes as effective and fun as you do ensuring that demon hunters have a spot in every meta then nobody would be complaining.
11/13/2018 11:31 PMPosted by Notoffensive
For the shaman that haven't given up hope yet, Pop on PTR, test the changes, and leave feedback of SOME kind. Let us know if these changes actually do anything.

I have not had time to test but per my napkin math its neutral.

AND per Earthshrine...
UsahYesterday at 7:19 PM
The PTR changes are resetting our aura from -43% to 0% (which includes the 5% baseline buff from last Friday's blue post). All of our abilities were reduced by 40% to compensate.

This means that all changes are DPS neutral. The last few days worth of analysis that in pinned is still accurate.

UsahLast Saturday at 2:32 AM
On the topic of the proposed PTR changes on Nov. 9th (https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769719552):

All analysis was done with as neutral traits as possible (3x Archive, 3x Gutripper, 10x stacks of Re-origination Array and a non stock-profile 385 Enhancement Shaman):
Full Stacks: https://goo.gl/Lj1AUd
Talent Synergy Interactions: https://goo.gl/RW9cbr

Some notes:

-Boulderfist/Landslide combos increased a lot in value but have close to ZERO cleave/AoE benefit and are nearly all in the bottom half of AoE specs. Likely has extremely limited niche uses, since pure ST is rather uncommon right now.
-Today's "Meta" builds are still among the top combinations for Cleave / AoE and nearly as good as the top combos for ST.
-Still no viable usage scenario for Hailstorm and Totem Mastery. Feel free to sim with Natural Harmony traits - we found it's still at best neutral with Searing Assault, so added complexity for no gain.
-All 3 90 talents are viable for Cleave / AoE. Sundering has burst AoE and a CC, but more difficult to hit every target with a narrow area of effect. Fury of Air and Crashing Storm are easier to land and will consistently hit more targets; FoA has utility for constant AoE slows.
-We'll look at most traits later, maybe.

To quell some overdramatic reactions I've been seeing:

Talent balance getting closer is a good thing for the spec. I absolutely agree that more should have been done at this point, but don't look a gift horse in the mouth - we could have received absolutely nothing.
Stay engaged in social communities, but please keep your feedback as constructive and on-topic as possible. A good topic to discuss is the problem that there's almost no situational choices to make and we'll still be locked into the same "meta" combination in 8.1 as we are now.
Ok I'm tired of this. We give feed back and you ignore it. This change did not need to wait till 8.1. This could have come out in a balance patch. Quit giving us false hope that you plan to fix the mechanics of our class.

Just do us all a favor and delete shamans. we already have high level shaman players leaving the game/class because the design is so bad. Ion said the only thing you guys measure is fun well this class is not fun were always first in line for nerfs last in line for buffs and kicked out of line for changes. I'm sorry if I sound rude but I'm so tired of this false hope.
Isn't it interesting that people seem to want to know more than anything else, why it took Blizzard this many months to implement what amounts to a numbers tuning hotfix?

We were essentially told that Shaman were unfinished upon the release of BfA and that what would amount to significantly more than a mere hotfix (numbers/tuning) couldn't be done until a major content patch (i.e. 8.1)... and now in 8.1 we get a numbers tuning hotfix that could have been implemented months ago.

It would be greatly appreciated if we could get a response and some clarification. It's quite clear that the community would be extremely grateful. Please?

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