377 mage / 360 hpal

Oceanic Guild Recruitment

Looking for an horde guild that raids 3 progression nights a week with a possibly off heroic night between 7pm and 8pm start. I am willing to server transfer. I do main a mage but been gearing a h paladin to go heals long term if the right guild comes along and needs a healer instead of a range dps.

Please add my btag JoshieJ#1647 if interested in my joining your guild in either role. Please note I am not looking for guilds that start later than 8pm ST.

Hey , We 3/8M x3 nights 9-12pm svt.

hit me up asap. Skel#11312
<Ice Cream Truck> [4/8M] is a Frostmourne Alliance semi-hardcore guild with lots fun! including funded over/under gambling. we are currently recruiting for Mythic progression and M+ as Focus!
Raid times are Weds Thurs Sun 9-12 Server time. Considering all Classes but priority on RSham / HPala / Mages

hit us up on:

Quiet a few adds on my bnet. Please no american guilds and oceanic guilds please note my wanted start times between 7pm and 8pm.

Thanks guys.
<Turbo Pigs> 4/8M on Caelestrasz-Nagrand Alliance. Raiding Fri/Sat 7:15-10:30PM Server with optional Thursday H for alts or mains. Currently searching for ranged dps to bolster our ranks!

Add Wolftree#1538 if you have any questions :)
Hi Hope your well

The Last Watch 4/8M Frostmourne Alliance

8.00-11.00 ADET

We are very interested in your Mage

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