New Shaman Tank Spec: Earth Warden

We need to let Blizzard know that this is what we want!

It was clearly intended in classic and we very much want it now. Instead of mirroring paladins like in classic, we should be on par with druids. Wardens of Azeroth and protectors of life.

Speculate and support!
Id love to see a shaman tank spec. 4th spec like druids would be dope. Mail needs a tank. Imo I thought DH as mail would have been solid in the slot.
I love it, I want it, the class fantasy is fantastic.

HOWEVER, I’d like to see our three specs get more love first before attempting to balance and tackle on a whole new spec.
I have been thinking about this a lot lately. However what I imagine may be completely left field from the lore or norm.

I love the concept of an Earth Guardian. Axe/mace & board wielding, elemental enhancing meat shield.

I have 2 completely different concepts based on the same idea that while the role is tank they are also a heavy group enhancing function as well (sorta like the old enhance actually was)

Maelstom generators:
Rockbiter: ST and draws upon the earth to create a small stacking shield on the shaman for x amount. 
Generates x maelstrom
Call of the Bog: calls forth a bog under the shaman increasing healing recieved of all party members and infecting enemies within the bog with conduction. Conduction slows the enemy by x% while in the big and increases dmg from Lightning Crash by x%. Generates x maelstrom
Lightning Crash: calls down Chain lightning on the target and chaining to all enemies within x meters. Damage increased to primary target by x% for each enemy hit. Generates x maelstrom
Cyclone: calls forth a cyclone lifts the target off the ground preventing actions for x sec. Does x dmg initially and x dmg over 5 sec. Dmg increased by x% for targets immune. Generates x maelstrom. Has 2 charges. 6 sec recharge.
Fire Nova: shaman emits pulses of fire radiating out scorching enemies dealing x dmg initially and causing the enemies to burn for x dmg over 3 sec. Stacks up to 3 times. Generates x maelstrom. 

Maelsteom spenders 
Sundering earth of (famous earth ele): shaman rips the earth apart stunning knock all enemies down and slams them with the power or earth dealing x dmg yo all enemies. 
Healing Monsoon of (famous water ele): calls forth a healing monsoon that heals shaman for x and all allies for y. Healing on shaman increased by x for each ally healed. Healing increased on shaman by x if standing in bog. Healing increased on allies by y of standing in bog.
Cleansing flames of (famous fire ele):
Summons fire from the heavens to rain down in area searing away all curses and diseases from allies and deal x dmg to enemies. Dmg increased if enemies affected by fire nova debuff.
Gale winds of (famous wind ele): calls forth gale winds removing all movement impairing effects on all allies and increases movement speed by x% for x sec. Pushes enemies away from shaman and slows them by x% for x sec.

Searing totem ST
Magma totem Aoe
Fire ward totem: increase ally crit by x%
HST prioritizes shaman then others less healing than resto
HTT smaller radius and less healing than resto
Water ward totem: allies generate x mana/rage/energy/maelstrom/x/x every x sec. If no allies within x increased maelstrom generation of shaman by x.
Wind fury totem: grants x% haste to all allies. If no allies within x increase shaman haste by x
Need a ST totem idea
Earth ward totem: reduces dmg taken by x% of all allies. If no allies within x range reduces shamans dmg taken by x.
Stoneskin totem: hardens shamans skin reducing dmg by x% and reflecting x% dmg taken back.

Elementals: shan shares HP pool with all elementals summoned. Only one elemental cen be summoned at a time. Elementals are fully controlled by shaman. 5 min CD each so you can basically rotate every min.
Fury of (famous earth ele): calls forth x to side the shaman. Taunts enemies in the area not aggroed by shaman.
Has a aoe stun
Has a shield/dmg reduction for elemental and shaman.
Has main attack that tremors out to aoe dmg.
Fury of (famous fire ele): calls forth x to aide shaman. Has a toggle aoe or ST. Has a aoe dot with CD.
Fury of (famous water ele): calls forth x to aide shaman. Has water bubble which is a short CD cc that suspends target incapacitating them and causing them to incur breath holding.
Has a long CD channeled water bubble that affects all targets in an area.
Fury of (famous wind ele): calls forth x to aide shaman. Vortex pull ability with charges. Reverse vortex push ability with charges. Cast LB or CL.

Ascendance: embraces all the elements. Cant be slowed, stunned. Immune to knockback and knockdowns. Calls forth mini versions of all 4 elementals that cannot be controlled for a shorter duration.

Enhanced abilities become:
Rockbiter becomes earthen sledge: Weapon become encased in earth fire wind and water increasing dmg done by x% and causing the target to take increased dmg from all shaman abiilities.
Call of the bog becomes rolling swamp increasing movement speed and rooting all enemies in place. Spell emits from shaman and moves as the shaman moves. Increases the effect of call of the bog.
Lightning crash becomes lightning overload and will always overload and each additional target affected has a reduced chance to create an overload.
Cyclone becomes unharnessed winds: generates two smaller twisters that seek on near by targets.
Fire Nova becomes volcanic eruption which causes volcanic eruptions to sprout forth from under targets hit with fire nova causing small aoe dmg.

Maelsteom spenders stay the same during Ascendance.
It’s not what we want though...
11/10/2018 03:51 PMPosted by Aeroliets
It’s not what we want though...

I don't...not want it though. Nothing wrong with having more tanks in the queue, especially one that wields the elements.
11/10/2018 03:51 PMPosted by Aeroliets
It’s not what we want though...

I mean, Shamans have been asking for a tank spec since Vanilla, multiple times, every xpac. It may not be what you want but it sure as heck is what the players of the class as a whole want.
I like the idea. I love the fantasy. What I don't like are the odds of this getting implemented (unfortunately).

Maybe in 1 or 2 xpacs?
I prefer they fix the current specs they have for Shaman and develop an actual plan, niche and/or overall gameplay style for each spec before making a new one.

I just don't get the feeling that Blizzard has a good idea on the direction they want Shaman specs to go and I want them to figure that out first before adding a different role spec than what they currently have.
no thx

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