Unpopular opinion: Blizzard is great and so is BfA

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So here it is. First, I think Blizzard is a fantastic company that has managed the best MMORPG for over 10 years. They've crafted Lore that spans over 10,000 of history and created vastly different cultures. They've certainly kept me interested and waiting for the next book and quest to release. BfA has me taking pride in being a Blood Elf (thank you 8.1 heritage armor!!) and a member of the Horde. So, in conclusion: Blizzard, you rock, and BfA is great.

*Sits back and prepares to watch snowflakes melt and scream.*
BfA has some things that need fixing and addressing.

The hypernegative "Blizzard is failing and WoW is dying and BfA is absolutely unplayable!" stuff.. that's all from hater pushing a narrative and haterade here. It's not reality, it's agenda.
whats you wow credit score? nvm seeing your 308 ilvl.
The raid armor is hot garbage and so are the elite pvp sets.
Azerite gear is also hot garbage, and many of the traits are undesirable and locked behind that god awful necklace.
Where is my 120 talent row?
Stop taking away baseline abilities and handing them back as talents.
Give me back unique class tier sets and unique pvp class elite armor.

The music and scenery is nice, but that's about it.
A good troll wouldn't have included the last part. SO, you're either very confused, or just bad at trolling.
11/10/2018 09:54 AMPosted by Dathretarian
*Sits back and prepares to watch snowflakes melt and scream.*

Using language like "snowflakes" tells us all we need to know about you.
This isn’t how you go about getting green text....or is it!?
More accurately... Blizzard has a great history with games and BFA has the potential to be great.

Blizzard has a great track record of original IPs but the influence of shareholders has definitely reared it’s ugly head the last few years, And BFA in its current state is pretty bad, most classes are boring to play, some need some serious tuning to be competitive, the heart of Azeroth is a boring stat stick, azerite gear and the RNG that comes with is awful.

They absolutely have plenty of time to turn BFA around, time will tell if they do.
Unpopular opinion: Activision is great and so is BfA

Blizzard is just a label now, the company no longer exists. ActiCon 2018 proved that.
BFA isn't ambitious enough to be great. It's basically coasting off the success of Legion without introducing anything significant like Legion did M+.

At best it's okay. I don't hate the zones, I don't hate the dungeons and I certainly don't hate the raids, but BFA hasn't done anything huge to distinguish itself like Wrath did with hardmode raiding or Legion did with M+.

Unless Blizzard do something massive, at absolute best it's gunna be WoD 2.0 where the nicest thing you can say about the expansion is that it's forgettable.
11/10/2018 09:54 AMPosted by Dathretarian
*Sits back and prepares to watch snowflakes melt and scream.*


As for the less cringy remainder of your post, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. I definitely disagree with you on BFA but you can stick to the games you enjoy and I can stick with the superior MMOs on the market and we can both be happy. Spend your time on what gives you fulfillment. If that's BFA, more power to you.
11/10/2018 09:58 AMPosted by Thanen
whats you wow credit score? nvm seeing your 308 ilvl.
This is true.
I've never once wanted Blizzard to fail. I do wish they would get hit with some significant set backs as a wake up call that they are out of touch with players and need to change course.
Happiness is silent, discontent is loud. The people who don't like this game, but are way too passive to actually vote with their dollars (i.e. quit paying either with real money or tokens) are screaming their heads off, while ther rest of us just keep playing (and paying).
11/10/2018 09:54 AMPosted by Dathretarian
*Sits back and prepares to watch snowflakes melt and scream.*

This is totally not a troll thread, this guy is truthful on creating this topic to show his support to the company. /s
Not even players who have eat, sleep and breath World of Warcraft like Bellular can defend BFA, because they want a better game since BFA started really bad, I have hope on the new changes for 8.1 and 8.2, but I can't deny 8.0 was a disaster.

Thanks to players (thounsands or Millions maybe) who quit made Blizzard take the decision of fixing the game, their subscriptions went low losing revenue and some people got fired and others removed from their position bringing back people who were in that position before, I think letting Blizzard what is wrong is good because we pay for the game and deserve good quality, premium service and not another Chinese mmorpg f2p clon.
BfA has a boatload of potential, but Blizzard won’t do what’s necessary to realize it. That’s what is so frustrating. 80% of it could be done in a hotfix.

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