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Anduin and Saurfang are mirrors of each other asking hard questions. Saurfang is basically admitting that he needs the help of a kid, while Anduin is confronting someone that could easily kill him. They both realize they need help in order to succeed. -Paraphrased by WoWhead.

This is what has me so worried about the cinematic's implications. This was marketed as a faction conflict expansion, but we are swiftly turning to faction cooperation. (At least if Saurfang and Anduin become the lead representatives of the factions.)

I want to feel justified in beating up the other side, but we're seemingly looking at an arch where we learn that war is bad and we're bad people for going to war and everyone should just come together and be friends. Which really undermines the spirit of the two-faction system.
I saw that.

Did you watch the whole thing? I had to take a break. Anything else in there that us lore geeks would find interesting?

It feels like a case of human potential, but I'm gonna go back and finishing watching it later.
If that's the message they want to send, they are shooting themselves in the foot, and then shooting themselves in the face. It's counterintuitive. I personally agree with Sylvanas- that war makes us stronger (to a reasonable extent). Peace makes the world complacent and the imminent threat of war makes complacency impossible.
I honestly hope they never go the peacecraft route and have the denizens of Azeroth fight against climate change and inequality.
but i don't want to help saurfang or forgive the horde.
and much less having alliance characters turned neutral.

please blizz don't do this.
One thing that's interesting, he has been the Director for every WoW hyper-real cinematic since Cata, meaning he is also the director for BfA's intro, Old Soldier, AND Lost Honor

Direct Link on Youtube
If i gave half a dam about the war anymore, i’d be more concerned.

Thanks to Sylvanas, I no longer do, since it’s no longer a cause an avid orc player like myself, has any reason to care about. She just wants to make us tools of war just like the Legion did back on Draenor and she has done nothing to convince me otherwise.

And honestly, I’m not surprised that it has come to this. Having an 18yo Alliance king, of all things, inspire a revered Horde war veteran to make a difference within a faction he has proudly served for decades. !@#$ty wrtiting got us into this mess and now only %^-*ty writing can get us out.

I am fully prepared to whether this !@#$storm.
God... not only is the story a mess but they’re making it so incredibly boring.
How romantic. I suppose Anduin has to end up with someone, since 8.1 has made me decide Wrathion is too good for him.

Seriously. Is no one but Tyrande going to mention the genocide-shaped elephant in the room? Are we really expected to be bestest best friends with Saurfang and his Horde after that?
Ok, so I watched alot more of it, If you have any care for film geekery I highly recommend it, because its literally two film geeks just gushing about scene composition and design.

It doesn't really go beyond what we already have been discussing elsewhere on this forum.
Saurfang and Anduin are in a competition to see who can replace the most dead family members.

Right now Anduin's got two Dads (Genn and Saurfang.)

Saurfang has two Sons (Zappyboi and Anduin.)

Anyone want to take bets on who gets adopted next?
Burn the lore.
11/10/2018 11:18 AMPosted by Yagarr
Anyone want to take bets on who gets adopted next?

Taelia, probably by jaina.
or we see some new aunties here or there.
11/10/2018 11:23 AMPosted by Arlifrex
Burn the lore.

*looks at you in silence*

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