Healing in WoW is not fun

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11/12/2018 09:14 AMPosted by Xiata
I've mained this Resto Druid since WoTLK. I still find healing the most fun role to play. Leveling a healer isn't fun(if you're like me and stay in healing spec) but I prefer max level content like dungeons/raids etc as heals

Yeah my feeling exactly, a healer's kit is based around group play and having people to heal, it's super fun at max level when you can actually do all that, so I just switch to dps for leveling.
Hybrids aren’t a thing because people complained that they were not good at anything. And now we have “hybrid” classes that can heal or DPS better than pure healing or DPS classes. A true hybrid should never be able to heal or DPS better than a pure class. I’m all for going back to hybrid classes but only if a feral Druid can’t top DPS meters or any other hybrid class with healing spell.
11/12/2018 08:33 AMPosted by Dementious
11/12/2018 08:31 AMPosted by Jelli
maybe you're just bad

Stop trying to fit in with the edgy kids, it looks terrible on you.

So non productive. Maybe keep scrolling or contribute something positive. New forum coming soon and this attitude is gonna come back and bite ya.

lol you sound upset. would you like a hug? hot cocoa perhaps? by the way I'm not trying to "fit in" to be "edgy." literally always been a !@#$%; I don't have patience for whining on public social media. if you want an adult response to something you post, put something constructive in it, not a multi-paragraph whinge fest about how the game sucks when 9/10 times it's user error. "crappy healing gear" means nothing, and we haven't had "healing weapons" since WotLK. there's no such thing as "healing gear" because we don't have spirit or mp5 anymore. also healing specs for leveling are FINE. I leveled my druid and shaman as resto with zero issues. in fact, it was easier to level as resto than elemental due to scaling and the ability to have an actual heal instead of HS. there's never been a "rotation" in healing. ever. healing is either proactive by shielding and premitigation of damage or it's reactive by throwing out heals. the talents have been limited for every spec and every class since Cataclysm, so that's nothing do to with BfA either.

healing isn't hard. if it was there would be no healers and no progression. it's just not for everyone. yeah, there's a lot of stuff that could be fixed but healing isn't impossible or completely broken. if you're not good enough at it or you don't like it, don't do it. not that hard to swap classes or roles.
Just switched to healing in BFA, and gonna have to disagree. Healing is mad fun for me.
If it wasn't for healing, I wouldn't be playing this game.
The game stays the same.

Silly me! And here I thought my healing touch had been gone all this time!

Try leveling as a Holy priest....
Been DPS for nearly 15 years, have no issues with it, and I've never become bored with it. I commend those that take point and tank, and I commend those that decide they want to heal.

We all have a responsibility in a raid, and just because there are more DPS than healers or tanks in a raid, doesn't make DPS any less valuable.
11/12/2018 08:26 AMPosted by Alisiaa
11/11/2018 08:57 PMPosted by Méo
In FF if a DPS takes a large hit, you don't cast 5 Flash Heals on him, you cast a single Cure or Cure2 and you're done. Those spells heal a bigger % of health than even Holy Word: Serenity, and they are simple 2.5 sec cast spells with no cooldown. Also, Regen heals more than a tank's health over 24 seconds, so you leave one on the tank and sometimes that can take care of everything outside of tank busters. That design leaves you with more "free time" that you can spend buffing people, resurrecting dead people, DPSing the boss, casting Holy on adds to AoE stun them, etc.

Honestly I think a big reason they won't give us actually competent heals is because they've made a system of "DPSing" health bars, vs efficiently healing.

If you had good heals, you'd need to have an actual risk of going out of mana for overusing them. That's why there's so few of them and they're heavily constrained.

They really don't want to bring back real mana efficiency to the game.

I mean the last healer we had with actual mana issues was the Disc Priest, and they pretty much broke their healing potential and mana inefficiency when they reworked them.
personally Id like to see mana just removed entirely.
Put everything on the GCD, shorten it to half of what it is now and just stop with the micromanagement of every breath.
Isnt it enough to have to deal with watching and waiting for the GCD for spells ...why have energy, mana, etc added to all that? Its just filler and more to have to watch while Im trying to also watch health bars for 4 or more players and then not get killed myself.
I can only use one heal at a time anyway....so just use the GCD and leave it at that.
it is always the healers fault.
not as a shaman try a mistweaver you will change your story.
Warfronts aren't designed to need healing... so that's a terrible one to judge from.

Judge from Mythic+. And in that context, there are plenty of very strong healing classes including Priest, Monk, Druid, Paladin:


notably missing is Shaman, yet Shaman were in the PvP finals as the best healer. I thought they would do better in m+, but I guess not, numbers don't lie.

As for fun, shrug, MW monk is plenty fun this xpac, imo.
11/13/2018 08:52 AMPosted by Softsong
Try leveling as a Holy priest....

i did that ... in vanilla, when WOW launched
11/11/2018 12:44 PMPosted by Dracowarrior
Healing as a Monk is a lot more fun then healing as a Shaman. I hate healing with my Shaman as well OP.

Make a monk.

I don't agree. I prefer my shaman by a long shot. I like the utility.
Weird I play WoW because of the healing classes.
11/11/2018 06:57 PMPosted by Abusivé
Shamans are just in a terrible place for PVE right now. We're not desirable for progression Uldir raiding or group content such as M+. Im holding on for hope that we'll be looked at / buffed by 8.1 but I'm keeping my expectations low at this point.

Shaman aren't 'terrible' they're just a bit undertuned in some areas. The shaman hate is exaggerated, and btw they're getting buffs in 8.1.
Been healing since BC, raid healing specifically for most of that time. Not the highest end other than in BC, but still a decent level (Normal before Mythic, Heroic after Mythic). I love it. I never get bored because I get to try and push myself to get through mechanics without having to do them “properly”. I have other specs to use out in the world, I never understood people who want to play solely one spec for everything they do.

That said, last night I did three M+ and I found myself really not having fun. But it wasn’t because of me, it was because of my group. I never PUG, I just run with a group of friends because I don’t want to get into the whole Raider.io thing. But even with friends, I was getting frustrated because DPS demand a lot and rarely use their own kit to help out. Especially when someone messes up and makes other people eat a poison shot in a +11 Kings’ Rest and suddenly three people are being chunked because I can only dispel one at a time. Or when the tank decides to pull an entire group of mobs in Atal, the DPS burn them all below 25%, and all of the casters suddenly have Berserking and choose random targets to hit with the nasty crits. Meanwhile I can only Soothe once every 10 seconds. That’s when I find healing exceptionally frustrating, but I’m doing everything right on my side. It feels good to keep people alive through some nasty pulls, but when there are too many it gets exhausting.

Think about the content where you heal in. If it’s the simple stuff like Warfronts, LFR, Heroic Dungeons, etc. I think you’ll find healing to be utterly mind numbing. But in M+ and Heroic raids, healing is pretty rough. If you find yourself bored, consider trying it out on a different difficulty.
11/11/2018 12:41 PMPosted by Wumbo
Paladin healing is probably the most boring thing in this game

It's literally always been that way.
I think it’s just a reflection of classes design in general now, it’s not just healers... who is actually super impressed with their class this xpac? Not I, the only one that I actually think is improved is Mistweaver

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