[A-RP Event] Grace of Elune (12/2/18)

Wyrmrest Accord
A note written in familiar script but seemingly heavier than before appears on the message boards of the Alliance:

Brothers and Sisters,

The Goddess has not abandoned us! Though we have been scattered and lost, hers is the light which guides our steps, and keeps our heads high. The tragedies of this world break upon us like waves on rock- we have withstood far more, and we will withstand this.

Strength will be found within each other and within our allies, but more importantly, in our Mother Moon. She will always be with us, be it in the form of Mother or Warrior, and soon she will call upon us when the time is right.

You must not lose faith in these times.

Join myself, Roraelis Autumnsong in the Twilight Grove to bask in her light, and to prepare ourselves for the fight ahead.


Are we back? We’re sort of back. There are many exciting things coming for nelves, and it’s about time we prepare ourselves for it!

IMPORTANT OOC NOTE: While this will follow the same structure as previous events, with a sermon then ending with a blessing, the blessing itself will contain content that is bloody and somewhat gorey. The sermon itself will be PG and safe as always, and I will let you all know when the sermon ends and the bloody bit begins so you may excuse yourself if necessary. If you have any questions, please contact me in-game on Roraelis or on tumblr at autumnal-eclipse.tumblr.com

When: December 2nd, 6pm Server time.

Where: Twilight Grove, Duskwood (picture below) **Should anyone need help getting there, please contact me prior to the event and I will be happy to fly anyone over! Please make sure to whisper me in-game as I will not be checking tumblr often**

What: A brief sermon on the wonders of Elune, ending with a blessing.

Why: To prepare ourselves for what is to come, and to reignite our faith.

Who: Led by Roraelis, everyone is allowed to attend. While invites are not mandatory, they will be offered for those who need help in finding the location.

Please note though- this is a sermon event with the focus on one speaker. During the sermon try to keep emotes and /say to a minimum so that the event text does not get lost in chat spam, and everyone can read what is being said. :)

If you have any questions, suggestions, or even requests on what topic I should cover, feel free to hit me up-game on Roraelis! I also have a calendar event for it in-game so if you’d like to be added get in touch with me!
I love when you host these events. Marked on the calendar. I'll be there!
Blood? Gore? Count me in!
I am glad the Grace of Elunes are back. :D
Excited to see you all there!

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