Ret sucks compared to some other specs

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Says the guy who is salty cause ret isn't above DHs.

Ret isn't the best class in the game? Guess we better buff it.
Something has to be the worst. However, in a balanced version of any game the "worst" is ALWAYS a conditional label. There needs to be moments where a spec is the king, the best at that specific situation. The problem may not necessarily be a single spec "sucks" but, rather, a spec or a group of specs have too many strengths.

For a comparison sake look at Arms and Fury warriors. Fury is a spec in its own right, it does decent single target and aoe damage with a strength resides in small packs at around 4 targets. But, Arms is simply absurd and can shine in virtually any situation. This causes the bulk of competitive DPS warriors to pick Arms, they never face a situation where they wish they were Fury.

Although, I do believe whole heartily that Retribution needs some love in terms of throughput and mobility (a frequent crutch when mobility matters in raid content IE Fetid) the solution to "fixing" the spec may have to deal more with the balance of the game as a whole. Specializations need weakness and strengths, the current best specs are comprised of only strengths and minorly inconvenient weaknesses.

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