The sharding and phasing problem

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The problem is that many times, people are forced into a shard or a phase when they don't want to be in that shard or phase. This problem is exacerbated by the serious imbalance of the pvp/pve flagged players.

So, what rules can be had to make shards more enjoyable, and less immersion breaking?
1. Keep parties TOGETHER on the same phase and shard as the leader. Yes, this might break some stuff. But ultimately, when two party members can't see each other but the map shows they are in the same area, that is an unforgivable sin. It doesn't matter if you flagged warmode on or off. If your not in combat, your leader's flag and shard status should decide yours.

2. Combat should disable shard hopping. If your in combat with anyone or anything, having the enemy phase out is an unforgivable sin. Its even more unforgivable than 1, however it happens in pvp all the time. In fact, some people do phase jumping as a pvp tactic by quickly joining and leaving groups so they can jump out, heal and jump back in to harass. Its a horrible thing to happen, and when in combat, no phasing or shard hopping should be allowed.

3. Keep large groups on their own shards. There should be dedicated shards for parties of horde/alliance larger than 5 players. In short, anyone in a raid should never encounter players who aren't in a raid. This is specifically to address the gank raid problem. Now, a large ally raid and a horde raid clashing? That should be fine. But keep random people who are just questing out of the line of fire!
War mode sharding seriously needs to be fixed. It's completely breaking any kind of good wPvP.
They need to mark groups with the group leader's warmode status, and the group leader should be able to see the warmode status of applicants.

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