Ruins of Oronaar - Doesn't appear

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Ok been searching through old blizzard posts, wowhead and google but unable to figure this out - seems like a bug.

Everyone says, you must finish the argus questline, which I've done and the Ruins of Oronaar quest appears.

I've got 7 followers with 900 ilvl.

I finished the Crest of Knowledge Dungeon.

I haven't done the Antorus Raid, but I don't think I need to do that. How do I get the Ruins of Oronaar quest to appear on Alleria so I can get my followers to lvl
ilvl 925 and then ilvl 950, thanks.
You don't actually need to complete the Crest of Knowledge dungeon but you do need to advance the story as far as being sent in there on a quest.

For some reason I can't check your achieves right now, but you need to have earned "You Are Now Prepared".

You also need to have advanced the mission board chain up to completing the Nath'raxas Breakout mission but I'm sure you know that if you have been researching around.

If you have done all those things, one thing that can trip people up is that you have to have the Vindicaar in the right place for the NPC you need (Alleria) to give you the quest. This is a hangover from when the quests were originally added - a small part of the chain at a time over several weeks - back then we were all waiting on the next section so we all had the Vindicaar over Mac'Aree and there was no issue... but nowadays characters coming through will be jumping around with it and it could be over any of the three locations.

So, try moving the Vindicaar to Mac'Aree by jumping to Mac'Aree then returning to the Vindicaar and see if that changes anything.

The other thing to check on if none of that helps is that a lot of people miss the quest from Illidan to do an invasion point "Where They Least Expect It". You don't have to do his follow up to do 3 of them, but doing that first one unlocks more of the chain, which isn't obvious.
Hey thanks that helps a bit. I've completed "You Are Now Prepared" already but I don't understand the part about the ship moving around?

I mean I see that you can teleport to 3 different ships on the map. But if you say it moves from week to week, how do we know where it is? All I see is three ships on the map all the time.

I'll check Illidan's quests too, thanks.
Ok, I think I just need the vindicator to be in Mac'Aree, could you explain how I can tell where the vindicator is? Thanks!
Well I finished the greater invasion points quests and quests after that.

I finished the Antorus Raid.

Still no Ruins of Oronaar quest from Alleria, all she does is talk about the crest of knowledge.

Anyone know what else is missing?

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