Elemental PVP

Latest video - Trailer for my upcoming Third and Final Movie.

If you never have ever cared to watch my content before, please let this be the only one. I do not monetize my content and simply make it out of passion for multimedia art platform.

This is the culmination of 14 years of PVP, daydreaming, and editing practice thus far.

Thank you.


Don't have to comment, subscribe or even like. Just watch.
Every where else I post my videos I get a lot of positive or negative feedback. More importantly I get feedback.

The shaman forums have been the least responsive since the beginning. Unfortunate
I personnally enjoy your pvp videos. I even like where you are trying to go here to showcase your graphic artistry. I just think for this crowd you need to frame your artistry around the pvp instead of the other way around. Looking forward to your next one.
I found you on youtube a few weeks ago and I subscribed right away. I really like how your pvp videos are more artistically edited than most, and they remind me of the oldschool vanilla pvp videos that you would download from warcraftmovies.com. It's hard now to find pvp videos that aren't some dude with a facecam in a battleground.

Things I like in your videos:
-PvP that shows off your talent (not you in a horde mob attacking an alliance mob)
-Music / editing

I primarily watch pvp videos to improve my own gameplay and you're really good at a spec that I think a lot of people struggle with in pvp. Sometimes your editing makes it hard to follow the abilities you're using.
You're obviously talented. If I had to criticize, I would say that the PvP footage doesn't really bring anything to the video and some of the video was fairly dizzying. Overall, I still enjoyed it.
Seemed to be more about showcasing Ele, rather than Ele pvp. The effects were cool and all but I think it takes away from showing actual Ele pvp.
Well done. Great special effects and editing. Looking forward to seeing the movie.

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