How to level up older expansions' professions

Legit, the only reason I'm even doing professions anymore is to get the cool mounts which come with it - and now nearly all of them are locked to older expansions (jeweled panthers to MoP, Tailoring in Northrend, Engineering all over the place, etc) how do I level up in older professions? Right now all I see for the professions bars are Draenor and Legion - how do I get back to older expansions so I can actually try and level up for the cool mounts?
You have to go back to those zones. Train in that expansion’s profession and then level it up.
Working backwards... you have legion, you have draenor
MoP: in legion dalaran, along with the orgrimmar/undercity/etc portals is a portal to the shrine of two moons.
Cataclysm: the normal capitals (orgrimamr/undercity/etc) have the trainers for this; the mats can be found in the zones that were added (water area, earth area, hyjal, arathi highlands)
Wrath: in the Shrine of Two Moons there's a room with capital portals; there's also a portal to northrend dalaran.
Burning crusade: The shrine of two moons also has a shattrath portal. There's also a shattrath portal in Legion Dalaran in the trophy room.

That'll get you to the hub of the expansion. Where the actual trainers are is a bigger question than I can answer; I recommend wowhead or something. You'll need to farm expansion-specific mats to make expansion-specific recipes to level, of course. Good luck!
Bear in mind that the profession trainers in MoP are scattered around. You can ask guards where they are located. For the other expansions, the trainers are located within the main city of the expansion and whatever starting town you go to at the start of the expansion (ex. Honor Hold/Thrallmar for Outland).
Also, a lot of those mounts can be bought off of the AH, saving you a lot of time and in some cases gold.

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