Anyone tried WoW on a new (Nov 2018 model) MacBook Air?

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I've been running WoW on an older MBA (circa 2013) model for years -- just curious what the performance is like on the newer model.
Did you mean to post in the mac Tech Support forum or the Games,Gaming and hardware forum?
On a MacBook Air, it's slightly less crappy than the crappy you know. That is not an exaggeration. Keep in mind that the CPUs in the MBAs still peg in at barely 2.2 GHz on the top end model. They don't turbo all that high either. And without a dedicated isn't pretty.

For the price you'd have to pay to get the top end MBA + 512 GB SSD (really required for OS + any more than one Blizzard game if you intend to have ANY apps at all on the computer) you're better off just getting a low end MacBook Pro instead. Top end CPU + 512 GB SSD in the MBA brings you to $1550 + tax. Even the mini is a better bet at that price if you already have a display.

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