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11/14/2018 02:11 PMPosted by Langly
Anybody who is looking for a truly competitive game is barking up the wrong tree with WoW. It's full of nothing but unbalance, RNG, and gated behind useless gear grinds.

Luckily a new ESEA season will be starting soon and the boys are ready to get back into the swing of things. WoW was a nice distraction while taking last season off, but there's absolutely nothing competitive about it.

I've never seen a competitive game discourage players from participating more than this dumpster fire.
Yo what rank are you on ESEA? I need some CS homies in my life. Im like level 4 on Faceit and C+? I think on ESEA.
11/14/2018 02:13 PMPosted by Nyz
aslong as i can play for free, i'll be subbed

This. I make about 2 wow tokens worth of gold every month by just doing world quests and old raids for mounts/transmog, also having herbalism and mining helps a ton, picking up every node while doing world quests is a decent amount of gold
Warframe, more like boreframe, that game is trash.
Azerite system, gearing, class design, class balance, and scaling in BFA is trash. They still refuse to give pvp community vendors as well. With all the issues and state of BFA at this point of a new expansion it's set to go down as the worst expansion ever. Blizzard continue to make decisions on what they want but don't listen to what players want.

Azerite traits is worst thing I've ever experienced. No idea why Blizzard didn't keep some of the Legion Artifact traits as baseline, give classes some new spells that require player interaction and not just rubbish passives, a new tier of talents when you dinged 120 and remove or improve talents and spells from legion that were weak or never used.

Even if the content is not as good as it could be it's more fun to do that content when your class is fun to play. BFA class design is trash and many classes feel horrible to play or not viable compared to many others. So many constructive posts in Alpha and Beta but Blizzard never listen or do enough in time to make the game feel less busted before going live or what we have now. BFA really deserves the title of Beta for Azeroth because it's rubbish. No wonder so many players are leaving or playing less.

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