What Was Your First Main?

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For me I started two weeks before bc and I was an undead shadow priest.

My order has been:

1. Undead Shadow priest.
2. Night elf feral. Bc.
3. Human combat rogue. Bc.
4. Human combat rogue wotlk.

Skipped cata.

5. Undead warlock mists.
6. Undead warlock draenor.
7. Be unholy dk legion.
8. Human warlock bfa.
2004 to 2005 - Nelf Hunter
2005 to 2008 - Orc Hunter & Troll Priest
2008 to 2012 - Orc Hunter & Tauren DK
2012 to now - Orc Hunter
I came in somewhere in late 2005, and my first character was a Night Elf Hunter.

I was bad. I would pull with my bow, and then hack at a mob with my pet assisting until it was dead. Theoretically, Marksman.

Yes, all weapons were Hunter weapons. If it was an upgrade in any way, I'd roll /need.

I was reluctant to upgrade to Mail armor, because my Warbear Woolies were leather.

Thankfully, someone eventually took me in hand and sorted me out. But until then, yeah - I was the kind of Hunter you hear stories about.
day 1 was this warrior, now at the time he was a dwarf warrior, he's been dwarf, orc, undead, orc and now HMT
This character since 2011. 98% of that as Arms Warrior.
This is my main since Vanilla. The only things that have changed are the color of his spots and horn style.
This rogue.

Originally I had intended to make a Warrior, but being that this was back in Wrath and stance-changing was still a thing, it sounded pretty complicated, whereas the rogue seemed to be a bit more straightforward.

If I were to do it again though, I likely would have selected a Dwarf Warrior, which was my first instinct.
gnome mage (classic) -> gnome warlock (mid bc) -> priest (wotlk launch). Been priest ever since.
Tauren Warrior from TBC to Cataclysm.
This Shaman. Ive since race and faction changed. I was a Tauren.
This girl was my first main back in Burning Crusade and was the first character I leveled up with.

I mainly played only her at cap until about MoP-Warlords when I got more alts to cap. I actually mainly play Alliance now after switching in Warlords for a change of pace but I still like the Horde too.
Undead Holy Priest that no longer exists

Boyfriend wanted a healer lol
Tauren warrior was the first class I leveled, it took me like 20 days or something absurdly high to get to 60.
11/14/2018 08:51 AMPosted by Kibo
Tauren warrior was the first class I leveled, it took me like 20 days or something absurdly high to get to 60.

20 days to get to 60 back in vanilla is actually very fast though? Unless you mean 20 days played.

My first main was a Night Elf warrior back in vanilla, got to 60 some time before the Ahn'Qiraj event.
Human Paladin,
Orc warrior.
This has always been my main since I started playing back in BC.
Vanilla - troll hunter
tbc - blood elf rogue
wrath - tauren druid

Quit a few weeks into Cata and didn't come back til about 2 months before bfa. Made a troll monk, troll dk, blood elf rogue, mag'har hunter, blood elf warlock. Have 3 more on the way but they're not max yet.
Troll hunter from vanilla to BC. I loved the axe throwers and headhunters from warcraft 2 and 3. Orc resto shaman from WotLK to Pandaria. Dwarf priest briefly during warlords, then dwarf paladin during legion and BFA.
1. human paladin
2.Night elf druid
3.orc hunter(still play)
4. orc shaman
5. tuaren warrior(still play)
1. blood elf paladin
2. forsaken lock(still play)
3. forsaken rogue
4. orc rogue(still play)
1. Dk tried Draenei, worgen, gnome,orc and tuarens.

1. Woregn lock
2.goblin warrior
3. goblin shaman (still play)
1. troll druid (still play)
2. orc monk(still play)
3. Pandaren monk
4. Pandaren priest (still play)
1.orc mage
2. BF paladin
3. Troll lock (off and on play)
1. Dh night elf. (still play)
2. Orc hunter
Nothing leveling everything. Have not found the one yet. Close is iron dwarf paladin, void elf warrior and mag har warrior. High mountain shaman has peak my intrests, But also a Pandaren shaman.
2004 (Vanilla) - Human Rogue on Lightbringer PvE.

2007 (Burning Crusade) - transferred to Emerald Dream RP-PvP and added a second account to play Horde as well (Undead Rogue, changed to Blood Elf)

2008 (Wrath of the Lich King) - stopped playing rogues completely. Switched to Feral Druids (Night Elf and Tauren). Still on Emerald Dream RP-PvP.

2010 (Cataclysm) - cancelled my accounts, didn't like the changes. Still don't really them, I miss the old zones.

2012 (Panda) - didn't play (regret that now, I love that expansion)

2014 (Warlords) - transferred to Moonguard RP. Stopped playing Feral druid, switched to Balance Druid. Changed Alliance to female Night Elf (first female character), kept Horde as male Tauren.

2016 (Legion) - Stopped playing DPS entirely. Switched to Resto Druid as main and Guardian Druid as off-spec. Kept Alliance a female Night Elf but changed Horde to a female troll.

2018 (BfA) - Still playing Resto Druid main and Guardian Druid off-spec. Got tired of playing female avatars and changed Alliance to male Night Elf and changed Horde to male Tauren (same as in 2008).

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