What Was Your First Main?

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My very first character i created was a night elf hunter. It was a harrowing experience. It took me 13 years to make another one after i got to level 15 on that toon before i deleted, and swore to hate on hunters. Thanks to time and a free character boost i now have a new 110 huntard
First toon was an orc hunter till I hit the requirement to create a DK... and here I am still to this day...had a faction change plus a face lift but still the same dk.
This guy. I kind of left him hanging at the start of Cata because I wanted to switch to a troll druid but didn't have enough spare cash for a faction change. Now he's just my forum toon and baffling Trial of Style winner. I refuse to change his mog for that reason.
You're looking at him, and he just turned 50 this afternoon.
This character. The original incarnation was actually in different region, but I recreated it on US realms.
TBC - Rogue...decided in a couple of months I didn't like Melee.
TBC - Holy Priest
Wrath - Holy Priest, then switched to Shadow Priest around Ulduar
Cata - Shadow Priest
Mists - Shadow Priest
Warlords - Shadow Priest
Legion - Shadow Priest
BfA - Disc Priest

Always and forever this Priest. Different specs maybe, but always this Priest. She has been a Blood Elf, a Draeni, a Gnome, and now a Void Elf (back to her "roots", so to speak). She's pretty versatile that way!
The first character I leveled past the 20s/30s was a Troll Druid. I got it to 55 and then rolled a Blood Elf Death Knight. That was my first real main that I did end game content on for a while. It was probably 6 months to a year or so until I decided I wanted to play a caster, so I rolled a Goblin Shaman. After some faction and race changing for both the DK and the Shaman, I ended up with a Draenei Shaman and it’s been my main ever since. That was towards the end of Cataclysm.
So many Night Elf Hunters... I myself was once one of those. Why is it so common?
Human mage and I hated her.
Its been a druid for literally 12 years. I'm really bored of her so I'm trying to change it up. Its really hard tho as she has all the Rep :c
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Reik here's my first to do content, my first to reach max level (originally and each expansion), and my only one to exalt 96 reputations.
I'm not gunna list all of them, not enough time lol.

My first main was an orc warrior. I played starting in Vanilla (around the time BWL was released), all the way through the end of Cataclysm. I will freely admit, in Vanilla, I had no clue what I was doing. I was in a mish-mosh ensemble of gear that I only got because I got brought in to a raiding guild as a set with my now ex-wife (who was a healer they needed). I wanted to tank, but knowing what I know now and looking back on the things I did, I WAS SO BAD. I knew how to stance dance, but as far as what gear to use, how to position mobs effectively, and what abilities to maximize, I was a complete moron. By the time BC came around I started to really learn how to tank effectively, and eventually got burned out on tanking altogether and went fury. Man some good times
Human Paladin I've had since Classic.

I always get him to max level before any of my other characters.
Prot pally vanilla through WotLK
Holy priest in cata
Mw Monk in MoP
Me monk in WoD (that lasted like a month then I quit that expansion all together)
Havok Demon Hunter in Legion
Disc priest in BfA
This little guy
A Human rogue in BC. I SUCKED. I died so many times to defias and murlocs, I wore intellect leather, I spread my talent points all over the place, I was a mess.
I still have her! She's retired at level 85 now.

My next main was a Draenei hunter in Wrath, then a Human hunter in Cataclysm who's still my main today.
Started couple weeks after TBC dropped maining an arms warrior. I forgot the info on that account and the email provider is long out of business.

Wrath - Arms warrior and eventually a DK

Cata - Dk and warlock

MoP - DK and warlock some more

WoD - DK and tried a hunter for the 1st time

Legion - DK and warlock

BFA - Dk and warlock
Rogue in vanilla. never hit past level 45
warrior in tbc, actually hit level cap.
DK in wrath because I was an edgelord
lock in Mop because they looked to be strong and I wanted to play a ranged toon
balance druid in wod because they looked strong
mage in leigion because fire didn't need endgame crit gear to work.
rogue again in beta for azeroth because i wanted to get back into melee.

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