What Was Your First Main?

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Sub rogue

Assassination rogue
Prot pally
Prot warrior

Prot warrior




2005 human warrior

Although My MoP and WoD main would arguably be my troll hunter.
11/14/2018 08:24 AMPosted by Crookedmán
For me I started two weeks before bc and I was an undead shadow priest.

My order has been:

1. Undead Shadow priest.
2. Night elf feral. Bc.
3. Human combat rogue. Bc.
4. Human combat rogue wotlk.

Skipped cata.

5. Undead warlock mists.
6. Undead warlock draenor.
7. Be unholy dk legion.
8. Human warlock bfa.

Started at beginning of BC

It s been this guy ever since that day
Night Elf Death Knight up until WOD when I got on my hunter kick and he got sent to work my garrisons then went to a panda BM hunter until they killed BM when I went to a Night Elf Demon Hunter until BM got traps back whereby making this guy my main.
This guy 2004.....
Vanilla Human priest i made others first but i played priest straight to 60 did 100s of instances raids help guildies out with runs etc. before the rest got to 60. hunter and mage
i started out as an undead on a different server with a different name on release.....this char will never go away and always has a special place
Been my main since I started in Cata. Always has been. Always will be. Maybe one day Blizzard will make us OP for a few tiers.
Vanilla was Airc on Shattered Hand, Human Paladin.

TBC was Airc on Shattered Hand, Human Paladin.

WotLK was Airc on Shattered Hand, Human Paladin.

Cataclysm was Airc on Shattered Hand, Human Paladin.

Mists of Pandaria was Airc on Shattered Hand, Human Paladin.

Warlords of Draenor was Airc on Shattered Hand, Human Paladin.

Legion was Airc on Shattered Hand, Human Paladin.

And now for BFA, it's Airc on Shattered Hand, Human Paladin.
Night Elf male Warrior named Smitikus on Ysondre.

Before that I played my brother's characters, a Dwarf named Gimthor on some trash realm.
This right here, on Darrowmere. Paid for transfer when I started RPing gnomes on WrA because Aethel of Moonbrook is friend of the gnomes.
Male human paladin.

Not even kidding.
Hunter BC
Hunter since and current
BC- Night Elf Shadow Priest
Wrath-current- Human/Worgen/Night elf Death night. (yes I race changed this toon multiple times)
Vanilla - Nightelf Priest, Shadow to level and PVP, Holy for raiding.
Burning Crusade - Same Nightelf Priest as Shadow, Draenei Mage as Frost and POM Pyro specs, Undead Warlock as Affliction and used for PVP only.
Wrath of the Lich King - Tauren Shaman in Elemental spec.
Cataclysm - This character as Boomkin originally and then switched to Guardian for raiding.
Mists of Pandaria - (Barely played) Still this character and still Guardian and picked up Resto.
Warlords of Draenor - (Played more than Mists but still not much) Still this character and still Guardian and Resto specs.
Legion - (Almost skipped completely) Still this character and still Guardian and Resto specs early on but switched to Feral toward the end for the cool Mage tower cat form.
Battle for Azeroth - (Barely playing) Still this character and now just full Feral. Haven't played enough to bother with any other specs.

I still have each of the characters mentioned above.
<--- since 2005.

I played around with a dwarf hunter and a night elf druid for about 15 levels before I settled on red.
2005 This warlock Sorceer continued until
2016 Legion, then my warrior.
2018 With BfA, I am loving my paladin(s) the most.

I have played hunter, rogue, shaman and mage but they were never mains. But of them, hunter would be favored.
an orc shaman named chedamu who is now long gone

rip chedamu ;(
BC: Feral-ish Tauren Druid. Got to level 55.
WotLK: Tauren Hunter, then Tauren DK.
After the Ruby Sanctum patch, made an undead warlock and have been playing him ever since.

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