What Was Your First Main?

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Started at the end of Wotlk, and I leveled a BE pally to 55, then made a dk named Kipp, later changed his name and race, and still have the character.
A dwarf hunter in vanilla.

Hunter back then was a very different animal than it is today.

I miss having a bag full of bullets.

This is really my only character I play most of the time. I'll level an alt to max level here and there at the end of an expansion but I never do anything else with them.
Old account it was a troll hunter. I started the week after BC had come out but I only bought the base game because I didn't think I would like it.
In vanilla I played a gnome warrior and main tanked for a molten core guild. Left for some months and came back to play through some of the latter vanilla stuff.

Then I played in BC as a human rogue. Got into arena when it came out and 2v2 matches mainly. Did a little raiding as well as subtlety.

Then i took a few years off and came back to play as a gnome mage. Experienced northrend briefly and all of the cata 5 man stuff that I could get into.

Then I was gone for almost 10 years, came back this last summer, boosted this warlock, and leveled a rogue. They're both LFR uldir champions and have 359 and 349 iLVLs despite the RNG. I consider them both mains, but most of my achievements are on this warlock because it was first to the top. I miss the gold inflation from legion.
This holy priest right here. Since BC and its still my main now.
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For me I started two weeks before bc and I was an undead shadow priest.

My order has been:

1. Undead Shadow priest.
2. Night elf feral. Bc.
3. Human combat rogue. Bc.
4. Human combat rogue wotlk.

Skipped cata.

5. Undead warlock mists.
6. Undead warlock draenor.
7. Be unholy dk legion.
8. Human warlock bfa.

Vel. and an UD lock on another server
female tauren hunter(changed to panda in MoP), then male troll druid, then male blood elf warlock, then female panda monk, female tauren druid and then this blood elf rogue.
Day 1 classic - end of BC: Undead Mage
WotLK on: This character, Orc DK.
TBC and she was a Night Elf Combat Rogue which changed in WotLK to a Night Elf DK. Toward the end of WotLK, I race changed her into a Blood Elf and she's still my main.
Human warlock- beta

Tauren shaman for a year, Until i got sick of crashy,laggy Blackrock.

This paladin since then.
I'm an altoholic, but I have 2+1 toons that have always gotten leveled first, every expac since Vanilla.

In 2001, I started DAOC (my 1st MMO) with Silvermoon and Silveron, two gnome (lurikeen) brothers. One was a (petless) archer, the other a rogue.

In 2004, I started WoW with Karix (tall NE hunter) and Kri (mini-Karix, a gnome rogue). In 2005 I started Dryad, a tauren druid.

Years later Kri is now Qri and human, but I still use Karix and Qri for unlocking things like pathfinder. Dryad realm-changed, so is now Riverelf. Not a great name for a tauren druid, but it was the 30th or 40th name I tried. They won't let you PLAY until you pick a new name.

All 5 of the above-mentioned characters have some amount of stealth, and none of the other classes have stealth. So I guess I like stealth...
A warrior that started as an Orc and is now a night elf.

Huge improvement.

started as a troll rogue but ended up making a troll spriest my main throughout vanilla, then tauren hunter for BC. switched to druid between BC and wrath and now i druid no matter what.
The history of my main characters are as follows:

1) Troll Mage on a PvP server
2) Night Elf Hunter on a PvP server
3) Rerolled the hunter on a PvE server
4) Human Paladin alt became my main for the remainder of vanilla and until WotLK came out
5) This DK from the day WotLK went live to now
Classic: Mained this priest here as shadow. Also had rogue, warlock and mage at 60 before TBC launched but didn't play them as much.

TBC: Starting in TBC, I had one of each class at max level and rotated alts, but main was still priest.

Wrath: Primarily played disc priest and rogue.

Cata: Again, disc priest and rogue, but played my warlock again here.

MoP: Switched to DK for this expansion. Played that, and eventually monk as mains.

WoD: Back to rogue and priest.

Legion: Since I only PvPed in Legion and templates made it so easy to switch, I played a lot of things equally here. But I guess if I had to pick a "main", I'd go with warlock.

BFA: Currently playing rogue, priest and warlock pretty equally. So far, have those classes and DK at 120. Leveling mage, boomkin and DH slowly.
Before I even really knew what a main was, this fem dwarf combat rogue:

She got stranded in Hellfire Peninsula when my 10 day free trial of BC ran out, and I didn't know enough at first to put in a ticket to have her moved back into the old world, so I eventually shifted to a gnome mage named after Jane Eyre.
This, Sergeant Kylathia!

Started 40 minute after the servers were up, or so, after buying it at Walmart in a line I formed with two other nerds, at 12 midnight. They had no idea why we were there.
I created a male paladin in July 2009. He had a race change to draenei. Then a name change. And another. And another. Then a sex change along with a name change. He's seen some !@#$.

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