What Was Your First Main?

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This one. Since 2007, and still my main.

I don't change much.
This character right here since B.C., has and always will be.

Not my first character that I started leveling but it is the first to ever reach max level and for me to consider calling my main.
I had a human warlock during vanilla. But I was twelve and had no clue what I was doing and had that account closed. Now u don't have a main I level each class/race to cap then switch to a new one. I have 32 toons in moinguard ranging from 9-112 and 8 who are 120. Always liked warlock class fantasy the best.
I was a human warrior with no idea what I was doing. I got a green cloth drop in Westfall and equipped it. It had intellect on it and intellect is good for everyone right. I almost quit the game but decided to try out a hunter. Hunters were much more forgiving to new players that had no clue what they were doing.
Draenei Shaman just before Cata came out. Up untill MoP. Then took a break during WoD and came back for Legion realizing how terrible they made Shamans. Always had a Horde Paladin too, switched to her for maining, then making a DH and realizing how crazy fun it is now this character been my main ever since.
This guy since I dunno 2008 right when BC came out . Love me undeads,..lol. Arms 90% oif the time loved gladiator but acti/blizz took that fun away.
Human warrior. But the guild I was in needed more dps than tanks so I created this hunter. The warrior was 56 when I abandoned it (later deleted it and this one became my main, and for a while my ONLY, toon). This is the one that made it through the Dark Portal.
My first main was a troll hunter mid/late BC (still have my original tame!). He stayed as my main through WotLK and early Cata..then I took a long break.

I came back mid-legion and continued maining my Hunter. Coming into BfA, I have grown sick and tired of my Hunter and have since decided to heal with my Holy Priest.
Vanilla- Troll hunter

Burning Crusade- Troll hunter, Blood elf paladin

Wrath- Blood elf paladin

Cataclysm- Blood elf paladin, Orc warrior

Pandaria- Orc warrior

Warlords- Orc hunter, female Tauren paladin

Legion- female Tauren paladin, female Troll druid

Battle- Blood elf paladin (soon to be zandalari)
Ignore the fact she's a Worgen this character was a Night Elf back when I first made her in 04.
May 2005 I had two accounts (two boxed at the time) and had a pair of undead girlies, one priest and one mage. The priest was eternally on auto follow being dragged behind the mage a sad little heal bot in the Brill / UC / areas.

Then I got bored and took a (stealthed) walk on the wild side with Ms. Chachi and she's been my main, from that day forward (except for a prolonged break from the game after I got fed up with Cataclysm and Ghostcrawler's arrogance).
2006 - Night Elf Hunter
2007 - Human Warlock
2008 - Human Priest and Resto Shaman
2009 to now - Resto Druid

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