Everyone stop hating on Blizzard!

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if the state of a video game is affecting your life so negatively that you are having tantrums on a general discussion forum, the thing that needs to be re-evaulated is your priorities.
I agree in part with not taking a game so seriously, but for my own part I have very little free time in which to spend doing unproductive things like gaming. For the last 13 years I have had very little cause to take issue with giving Blizzard my money and time because I felt that I was amply compensated with escapism of the highest quality.

Right now however, I am feeling a little robbed. So pardon me for being mildly negative.

Ah but you see, you coherently stated your problem and grievance. No issue there. My statement is moreso directed at those who are having conniptions.
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You're right, Blizzard is a company and their business is to build great games. Games, by their very definition are meant to be fun. The playerbase are feeling disgruntled because they are paying a monthly subscription fee for a game they current feel does not meet the expectation of 'fun'.

I would rather see people complain so that Blizzard has the opportunity to fix things, than just leave quietly and without a fuss. Also, forums are meant for discussion, and like it or not, threads criticizing the game in its current state is still discussion.

True I guess but still it gets me mad at times seeing people diss game I can understand it has flaws but it also has so many postives... .

I will agree Blizzard needs to work on their public relationships more their a bit out of touch with the consumers and seeing as how the stock is falling they pissed off quite a few of their shareholders to some degree..

And I understand current way of earning loot frustrates some people but its still faster then the old way.... .....

And classes have been getting a little too simple I agree..

But overall Wow as a whole when you look at it despite its age is still a good product...

Now a few years down road I not sure I can say same thing... It will likely be dead by 2022-2024 at current rate if Blizzard does not fix their PR department..... But if they can fix it game might last beyond 2022-2024 or not.. we shall see.
They have to decide if continuing to invest in WoW is really worth it. I'm getting the feeling that's they don't believe it really is anymore.
I miss the downvote button =[
11/14/2018 08:51 PMPosted by Korelgor
Ah but you see, you coherently stated your problem and grievance. No issue there. My statement is moreso directed at those who are having conniptions.
Ah, fair enough!
I am guessing from what majority of people are thinking my attempt to Defend Blizzard is failing quite rapidly.......

I guess it dosent help when Blizzard itself is doing actions that cause my argument to not blame them backfires.....

I guess I just feel upset with people dissing WOW and Blizzard by extension they designed so many products I enjoyed for years....

But as seen with Diablo dying in some way and other issues.... Blizzard dosent seem sure that investing in Wow is worthwhile anymore and as time goes on it seems to be more clear......

in the end its sad..... Blizzard was on a role with legion heck even BFA contiuned that trend until this point in time where its hit a slump almost as bad as WOD...

I can only hope WOW recovers and Blizzard decides that its still worth investing in.

Your sad Demon hunter

I don't hate Blizzard.

I started playing their games back in '94 with Orcs and Humans, and without a doubt they have been my favorite gaming company, Warcraft has been my favorite gaming universe. and WoW specifically has been my favorite game of all time.

WIth that said, I have been sorely disappointed in them for a lot of recent decisions.

It seems to me there's been some problems in their decision making process the past few xpacks. Stuff that seems like they decided it because it would make the game cheaper to make, not because it would make the game better, and in fact in a lot of cases has made it worse. It's like they started letting the accountants direct where the game is going instead of it being a company lead by gamer devs making games for gamers.

Between the attempted removal and then obnoxious and extreme time gating of flight, the removal of Master Loot, removal of things that speed up group formation like WQGF, over reliance on RNG, removal of tier sets (and thus creating fewer item graphics), everything going on the GCD, to name just a few...

it's just been really disappointing.

It's like every decision is being made to slow down content consumption so they can just give us less and have us consume it more slowly than before so they can get away with offering less game, but keep us at the same MAU. It's a really hard feeling to shake when everything seems to keep pointing in that direction. And i just don't get it.

It's like they have a completely different set of leaders directing what to do and they keep doing everything at odds with the old leadership that had managed to build the game up to great heights... and it just starts to feel shallow and empty.

It's hard to watch at times. You just keep getting the sense they're shooting themselves in the foot with completely unnecessary self inflicted wounds, and you keep hoping they'll turn it around and stop... but then the next shot gets fired and the bleeding continues.
I think they are big enough and ugly enough to fight their own battles.

I'm quite sure they don't need the white knights and shills to do it for them.

Yet they do feel obligated too. o.0
I'm not hating Blizzard just confused as to where there going.I understand that they have to be innovative, that common business practice ,but i also know people don't wish to rushed into new ventures to fast.

i'm a very cautious person ,so any out of the blue would cause me to think this wealth the trouble.
If I don't like the product someone sells me, I'm going to voice my displeasure. If a company sells a subpar product, especially one people are already very financially invested in, it's up to the consumer to say "no, do better". Otherwise they'll just keep selling the same crap product. Personally, after spending around $1,900 on this game at this point (Xpacs and sub fees), no I'm not going to keep my mouth shut. This is not a cheap product and I expect better than this. And we should expect better than this.

11/14/2018 08:35 PMPosted by Lizzyon

You're still posting anon. Like, this isn't anyone's real pictures or names >.> Personally I enjoy posting on shadow alts because it honestly doesn't matter.
People should stop complaining when blizz stops being a POS money grubbing Corp who's only drive is to make money. There used to be passion in the development. Now it's just flash with no substance.

The unfortunate reality is that what made blizz great was a desire to make money by making a great game. Now their only desire is to make money. "You think you do but you don't" is pretty telling.
Don't have ta and don't wanna. Yup, I'm a big girl now.
A lot <---- This is correct

Alot <----- This is incorrect
11/14/2018 08:35 PMPosted by Lizzyon
I understand alot of you have frustrations but keep in mind Blizzard is a company and its goal is to make money and make a product that most people agree with.... They know their will be alot of people who dislike/hate their product...

But they stick to their goals and overall design a decent game I like sure its not at its glory of Lich king.... But I still like current expansion overall

I posted some things like this in past...

But I mean come on nobodys perfect and Blizzard is no excuse.... I know they messed up alot lately and have been ignoring people massively...

But overall BFA is still a good game no matter what you haters say.

If you agree with what I said about Blizzard upvote if not post why you disagree..

AND YES THIS POST IS FROM MY MAIN TOON!!! i HAVE THE COURAGE TO POST ON MY MAIN UNLIKE THE MAJORITY OF FORUMS USERS!!! ( sorry for caps but had to be caps to get message across)

I disagree with shills.

You’re just another moron who knows no better. Blizzard is a steaming pile of !@#$ compared to most other gaming companies.
11/14/2018 08:35 PMPosted by Lizzyon
But overall BFA is still a good game no matter what you haters say.

It's not as good for me as Legion was. Or even WoD.

Or even WoD.
Do you get it now, demon hunter?

People keep defending Blizzard, or rather the dev team or whichever dept or person, with all those appreaciation thread, shout down critics, call critics minority and ask to leave with that none will miss you crap.... make them behave the way they are today!
11/15/2018 01:58 AMPosted by Kathyna
A lot <---- This is correct

Alot <----- This is incorrect

Wasn't the only thing wrong with that mess. <3
I don't hate Blizzard, I miss them. The Blizzard I grew up with was cannibalized years ago.

I understand alot of you have frustrations but keep in mind Blizzard is a company and its goal is to make money and make a product that most people agree with

Nah it's goal is to make awesome games for the past 20 years then ditch us all for the Chinese market, and criticize anyone that disagrees with mobile as 'toxic males' lol
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