Everyone stop hating on Blizzard!

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11/15/2018 01:58 AMPosted by Kathyna
A lot <---- This is correct

Alot <----- This is incorrect

This makes my eyes twitch but I’ve always just left it alone because I have no idea what derps I make.
There is no Blizzard. Only Activision.

"You people are all a bunch of haters! I hate all of you!"
The day people stop coming to this forum to complain is the day they've stopped caring about Blizzard games...
11/15/2018 03:52 AMPosted by Tovi
11/15/2018 01:58 AMPosted by Kathyna
A lot <---- This is correct

Alot <----- This is incorrect

This makes my eyes twitch but I’ve always just left it alone because I have no idea what derps I make.

Yeah, I've trained myself long ago to do my best to ignore all the there/their/they're mistakes, and the likes. It gets very difficult to read sometimes.
OP admits that the game came out with a massive amount of flaws, horrid class balance, filled to the brim with bugs, the worst progression system to ever be implemented in WoW in 14 years and he still believes that BFA is "good".

Man, i was i could set my standards as low as you do OP, because i'd be able to enjoy this dumpster fire of an xpack a tiny bit, but voicing our displeasure at a multi billion dollar company for treating it's paying costumers like trash by releasing an unfinished, untested product for full price doesn't make us "haters".
Log in just to log back off.. Said to myself, what's the point of doing any PVP, I will just get another ring or something that I don't need... What's the point of finishing those 4 Honorbound quest for that lvl 355 azerite armor that more then likely will have traits that are useless... Not to mention I'm wearing a lvl 370 in all slots...

There is not point to this crap anymore... We are PAYING to play a game that is just a freaking BORNING treadmill.

Blizzard ruined this crap for me...Only reason why we are all still on their forums is because no company can make a MMO worth playing..

Lets face it, Blizzard is freaking Walmart... As much as you hate going to Walmart... you pretty much should because every other store doesn't measure up.
"Blizzard, please make me a green!"
Guys blizzard is a small indie company give them some credit.
Players rolling over for devs instead of holding them accountable when they make a sh!t product is why gaming sucks now.
11/14/2018 08:44 PMPosted by Muffindiver
People are entitled to their negative opinion about WoW and Blizzard. We are allowed to be critical.

We'll see how that works out on the new forums. LOL
You got some brown stuff on your nose OP, smells like Bli$$ard a$$.
Blizzard is a company.

It has no feelings to hurt.

Its products of late have been noticeably below par.

Those of us who comment here want the product to improve or we wouldn't bother posting.

Many have gone without a word. They're the lost customers. We're still here, trying to get some of the problems we see fixed. Blizzard continues to ignore us at its peril. More and more forum posters have left. Guilds are empty, friends lists are dark. This will keep happening unless and until the game is brought back up to its usually good standard.

Nothing personal.

This isn't an emotional relationship. It's a commercial relationship.
If BFA is so fun then why , for the first time since I started playing WoW have I looked up "how to unsub" ...

This expac is crap. Pure, unadulterated, epic fail crap.
11/14/2018 08:35 PMPosted by Lizzyon
AND YES THIS POST IS FROM MY MAIN TOON!!! i HAVE THE COURAGE TO POST ON MY MAIN UNLIKE THE MAJORITY OF FORUMS USERS!!! ( sorry for caps but had to be caps to get message across)

Big deal.

Also, people just want to express their opinions and they have every right to. This game isn't free.
It really isn’t a good game anymore. Legion was good. BFA is not.

Classes are pruned to all hell, Azerite power is annoying, Azerite traits are cumbersome, everything is RNG based, etc.

For the love of all things holy bring back pvp vendors already.
They have the right to be passionate about the game they play. If they want to post negative feedback, so what? No one is offending your golf buddy. If you get hurt because someone doesn't like what you like the problem is on you, not them. The only time negative is a problem is when it is done to troll or just be destructive. Focus on yourself and how you let the world effect you, not what others say and do with in reason.
Blizzard is no more.
11/15/2018 06:29 AMPosted by Guyaota
Blizzard is no more.



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