Alternatives for Enhancement?

Not a rage thread.

Just curious what other classes/specs play like Enhancement?

I tried Frost DK, but the most popular spec is Breath of Sindragosa, which has a 3 min cd. I dont like having most of my dps tied to such a long CD (which is why i dont like ascendence).

Anyone play Fury? Is it competitive PvE? How does it do in BGs?
I highly recommend Surv Hunter. It plays slightly different but still very fun. And you get to have consistent, non-RNG dps (Very high in ST to boot) and keep many of the utilities that made Enh interesting such as Dispel, Lust and so on.
I like Survival too, my only complaint is that i really don't like the class fantasy of pulling out a one handed crossbow.
I want my character to be more primal and beastial like Rexxar.
Competitive pve? I figured the main reroll for enh was DH. There are so few melee slots with how the mythic fights are designed (though mythrax was just hotfixed, you still have to get past fetid first) and it doesn't seem like anyone really went WW. DH brings a lot of utility to the table without being dumpster dps.

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