Be toxic toward healers, no heals.

11/15/2018 07:49 AMPosted by Meyka
11/15/2018 07:37 AMPosted by Dranoe2E73AD

Most of the time when I check details, the healer that's being complained about is either pocketing a single dude or pumping 99% of his heals into himself. Do everyone else running randoms a favor; if you don't plan on healing your team, stop queuing healer. Better off with an extra DPS if you're just gonna be a prima donna like the OP. HPS matter's in pvp despite what you're idiotic guildies told you.

Just because you rolled a healer doesn't make you immune to criticism. I reserve the right to call you a !@#$ter if you don't perform at the limited team roll you signed up for. Don't want to deal with that kind of pressure, then don't queue healer it ain't for everyone.

You realize it's pretty normal for a healer to have a lot of their healing on themselves, right? Especially if the enemy has any kind of sense. If it's 99% into themselves then they're likely being focused and you need to help them. If they're truly bad that's one thing but what you're describing is what these kinds of people think and it's wrong.

Criticism is one thing, telling healers to go kill themselves and behaving in a harrassing manner is not okay. Even if the healer is the worst healer in the world that type of abuse is not okay.

I don't know if you even use details or know what it is, but no that is not normal at all. I'm not gonna sit here and argue with you what qualifies as dog!@#$ HPS in a random or not, but trust me if you're actually healing people 99% outgoing shouldn't be on you from details.

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