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Speaking as someone who loathes PvP, how does offering better incentives to PvP constitute "forcing" people to PvP? Have you so little self control?
Pvp...don't do it if not your thing.

Below 110 if ptr changes stay is getting a decent xp scale change to be better. Its not omfg fast leveling...but its better than now. Leave war mode off and try to enjoy that.

110-120 ilevel scaling gripes not that bad. Full zone runs should have a player right at that 120 ding. My last char oddly enough was just shy unlike first 2 120 runs. I did a quick and sleazy island expedition...ding 120.

Imo the scaling jsut needs to be retuned to factor some classes or specs in classes need to have it adjusted. Ilevel scaling seems to affect some more harshly than others.

Bad gear and sims.....have you tried the gear? Sims says its "bad" but it could be half decent though. use what you are getting and damn the sims maybe. You know, have fun, switch out gear, play around abit. Unless a pro wow player a night of running 3% less optimal should not mean the difference between getting paid and not making the rent/mortage payment.

In eve we call this being an EFT (or Pyfa) warrior. EFT (a tool we use for fitting, I used one called pyfa instead) says it has these great stats. They had graphing features too, not unlike data set generation sims seems to use. What does this in situation X over time, range, etc...makes the pretty graph.

But the build actually flies like butt. Or is so touchy any benefit is highly situational. As in 1 out of 10 fights (Pve or pvp) it works great. Now you just hope you get that 1 scenario more often lol.

Now a bit less rng in the game would be nice. But iirc they are adding gear to some kind of vendors soon. Pricey AF to get it i imagine will be there at some point it seems.
Check my post I might need help from all the PvPers left in this forum
What are these new rewards anyway?
I've been a diehard, carebear, "I hate PVP' player since vanilla but I've been trying to level my undead rogue and read that between 60-80 BGS mixed with questing is the faster way to go rather than just leveling purely through questing. So I pinched my nose and queued up for a few BGs just to get some extra XP.

Wonder upon wonder (especially in WSG), I actually had FUN O.o; it was such a strange, horrifying sensation, the fact that I actually enjoyed pvp >_>;
11/15/2018 05:47 AMPosted by Melhart
Some BiS for PvP are dropped in raids and/or mythics, so in a way you are forced to do PvE if you want to be somewhat competitive.

No, you are making the decision to do that content because you want to be the tip of the spear kind of player. See "forced" means you have NO CHOICE. The fact that there might be a BOS item in a raid means you get way the prospects of getting said item against your dislike for the content.

See the difference?
If I want some PvP, I jump into a battleground.

I don't like being jumped while questing, so I have Warmode turned off at all times. No one is forcing me to do anything. I know there are better rewards, but I don't care. If I don't like it, I don't do it.
So what you're saying is you are putting yourself in a situation for PvP Because of supply drops and a 10% bonus to rewards and exp? In all honesty. That 10% bonus isn't worth it to someone that just wants to pve. Maybe the supply drops are. But the idea of war mode we for people that love to PvP. That's why there aren't PvP servers anymore. If you don't like to PvP while questing opt out. That simple.
If I want to PvP, I can queue for PvP. I haven't turned Warmode on since the first week of the expansion and I don't regret it.

I really should do some arenas at some point though. Gotta get my honor levels up for the cool mounts and titles, and win tokens for xmog sets.
11/15/2018 06:10 AMPosted by Yrithe
What are these new rewards anyway?

alliance has been mentioned at getting a larger xp bonus if war mode turned on at some point.

Why the rant is funny. people on 120's don't need the xp.

Which if in 8.1 release will be the chars we are the most for a bit lol.

Alts, meh. I don't turn it on. Too iffy. Like last night. Doing andorhal part 2 and it was funny af. Me on the void elf alone, a few horde there. 2 NPC's locked in combat as that's how andorhal goes.

I'd pull the horde NPC they pulled the alliance NPC...we were typing /laugh at that lol. 3 on 1 if war mode turned on...not my scene really.
11/15/2018 05:30 AMPosted by Melhart
11/15/2018 05:28 AMPosted by Ontaga
-Complains that people will be forced to PvP in order to reap certain rewards

-Ignores the fact PvPers are forced to run PvE content in order to remain competitive because RNG for wins is garbage on top of weekly conquest rewards being consistently outshined by Warfront gear for zero effort.

This is the first thing that crossed my mind as soon as I read this, this PvErs don't understand that it's just as painfull for us to PVE. I just made a post about PvP vendors and how much I hate PvEing, so don't worry dude we're in the same spot with PvE.

I loathe PvE to the extent that I'm willing to take the ilvl ding just to not have to set foot in it. I will reluctantly admit that it's not as bad as it was in Legion. Back then it was nigh impossible to get anything of decent quality outside of raids/dungeons. So forgive us if we don't have a lot of sympathy for people like OP.
11/15/2018 05:28 AMPosted by Sy
If you want the bonus, roll Alliance.

Is the bonus increase for Alliance only? If it is for both horde and alliance it's not going to balance anything.
Nothing will force me to do PVP. Nothing.
If you don't like it, don't do it.
Why bother even with a massive bonus? I haven't even DONE BfA content in a month. Heck, I even missed my chance at finishing the "fight all three warfront bosses" because I just couldn't be bothered enough to try that worthless game mode.

What good are the bonuses? The content sucks and is unrewarding anyway.
PvP is 100% optional in this game.

And the extra gold/xp aren't a reward, they're a catch-up mechanism to partially make up for time lost dying/getting camped.
I'm forced to pve for my BIS PVP gear :^(
While i think the OP is being insanely hyperbolic, i do think that if a particular aspect of the game needs to keep having perks loaded onto it to stimulate participation then perhaps its time to take a step back and look at exactly why it isn't fun for people?

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