This whole high elf thing wouldnt even be as an issue if...

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11/15/2018 06:03 AMPosted by Tovi
I can’t wait to flag the crap out of HE threads. Saving my cooldown or whatever it’s called just for them.

I don't care for High Elves, but people have the right to discuss a topic relevant to World of Warcraft even if you don't like said topic.
11/15/2018 07:14 AMPosted by Pärker
11/15/2018 06:03 AMPosted by Tovi
I can’t wait to flag the crap out of HE threads. Saving my cooldown or whatever it’s called just for them.

Flagging threads for no reason will get you banned Tovi. It happens on the Overwatch forums.

Yeah the new styles a lot more strict then the current to say the least.
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11/15/2018 06:01 AMPosted by Vinetremus
The writers literally made a tragedy converting most of the existing high elf population into void elves.

Instead the writers decided to make them blood elves that just left the Horde because they weren't allowed to study void.

To make matters even worse you make the other 2 windrunner sisters still high elves... can't even commit to the whole void elf thing.

Also an alternate solution would have simply making them like the worgen/ alleria. Having a void form and if out of combat a high elf form.

Pretty much. Heck I've said as much. If the void elf origin HAD been 'the silver covenant/Alliance High elf forces were attacked by void ethereals and transformed into their current void states' I for one wouldn't have had a problem with them (and I've seen other posters say as much).

When they first announced void elves I know a lot of us assumed that's the origin they *were* going with to put the nail into the 'blood and high elves are identical' coffin but still give Alliance their faction of always-loyal high elves.

But they deliberately made them be a previously unknown small band of blood elves exiled for studying the void, and they continue to wave normal high elf npcs in the faces of players. Either start replacing high elf npcs with void elves if that's the route you're 100% committed to, or at least stop adding new high elf npcs.

Sure, you'd still have players who want the silver covenant/dalaran/ect high elves playable (and high elf paladins in particular), but if void elves had BEEN the silver covenant their loyalty to the Alliance would make sense...rather than Umbric's hamfisted "oh we were never loyal to the Horde." >_>

They have been setting up blood elves joining the alliance since MoP. And they probably made them blood elves to allow for certain things like warlocks for void elves and leaving room for High elves. They said high elves will not be in battle for azeroth but laid the foundation for them later. I do think the horde would need an alliance race with high popularity to equal them out so I hope we get eredar if alliance get high elves.

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