365 Heal Priest LF Adult Heroic later raids

Guild Recruitment
Like the title says

365 heals, currently 6/8h, looking for casual heroic raiding with an older crowd

Ideally looking for a guild filled with 30yr + professionals, family types, etc... and generally nice friendly folks. The friendly part is important.

Looking to do AOTC content, but not much more.
I haven't the time for Mythic raiding...i wouldn't mind it, but I'm content to get AOTC. Getting 2 or 3 mythic bosses when over-geared is just fine by me

I don't think i'm the "get off my lawn guy" but I see plenty of "adult" guilds that say 21+, but 21 is closer to my kids' age than mine.

Raid times must be after 8:30 central...due to family...but most any day works.
I will be honest and say i travel some for work and have a family - so WoW is my escape and while i do my best, i need to be honest and say that i will miss a raid or two once in a while.

My shadow DPS is in all honestly at best average and probably below average - i don't like it, so i'm not that interested in a DPS spot, maybe 'once in a while' as offspec and probably only for farm content.

Heals is what i enjoy and what i want to do. The reason i'm looking is that my current guild just had a glut of healers and i wasn't able to commit to every raid. It was a great group and I enjoyed raiding with them.

I do enjoy M+ and causal BGs (especially with guildies)

I'm currently Alliance, but willing to server/faction change for the right group

thanks for reading!
[US][H][Dalaran]<Immersion> 8/8N and 4/8H is a Heroic PVE guild founded by two friends with Mythic raiding experience. Our goal is to clear through Normal and Heroic tier content.

High Priority
Ranged DPS

Tuesday/Thursday 9P-12A EST(server time)

Trial Process
If you are interested in being a core raider, it is a two week trial process. The trial process will be based off attendance, performance, and how you fit with the guild. At the end of the two week's the GM and officers will vote and let you know.

Required Addons
DBM or BigWigs

Discord. Have a working headset and mic.

Halfryce#1267 [GM, Founder]
JLamerton#1402 [CO GM, Founder]

Guild Name: <murlocs>
Website: murlocs.com
Server: Mal'ganis Horde

I'll keep it simple. We're a awesome guild with people who meet up monthly and raid weekly. Our raider experiences range from Top World Raiders (Previous US Top 50 players), to first time raiders (and faster learners).

We like to focus on community, over progression, but still maintain a "serious casual" relationship in game. We will be casually pushing mythic content in BFA.

* 1-Click Apply button *

Raid Times:
- Tuesday: 8:15-11:15pm EST
- Wednesday 8:15-11:15pm EST
- With weekend alt runs

If you're interested, feel free to apply above, or add me on battle.net:

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!
Hello! My guild Evolved might be a great fit for you! Almost all of our members are adults with families, jobs, etc. We are an 18+ guild and we understand the importance of real life coming first. Because of this, we do not require 100% raid attendance and understand having to miss raids for work/family occasionally. We are currently in need of healers so there definitely is a spot for you on our raid teams. Everyone is incredibly friendly and down to earth. We enjoy just hanging out together in game or Discord!

We are an Alliance guild on Proudmoore.

You can find more info at my post at :

Quick Summary for you though!
We raid Tue/Fri/Sat from 6-8pm pst with an optional hour on Fri/Sat. We run 3 raid teams so if you are interested in that, it's not hard to find a spot for you! We also have a ton of non-raid activities scheduled including organized pvp, dungeon runs, M+ training runs and key pushing, and fun contests each month.

Feel free and reach out to me if you have any questions at BNet Starlight200#1548 or Discord Star#0700.

I hope you find the right guild! I know how much of a difference it can make in enjoying the game!

still looking

Dear future raiders,

<Pound Syndrome> on US-Mannoroth Horde is a rapidly growing raiding guild focused on progressing through heroic and mythic raids in a timely manner. We are currently seeking ranged DPS classes, but are open to recruiting all roles.

So far, we have cleared:
Normal: 8/8
Heroic: 6/8

Our raid times are:
Tues: 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM EST.
Thurs: 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM EST.
Sat/Sun are tentative days and will be chosen after the raid has concluded on Thursdays.

Why join us?

1.) We are extremely supportive of all of our members and offer guild repairs, flasks, materials for crafting, potions, and enchants for all of our members.
2.) We have stellar communication during raids and have well-defined goals that we lay out before each raid.
3.) We are very accountable towards our members. We hold everyone to the same standard.
4.) We are organized with our progression; we have a system for carrying out encounters.

Why should we pick you? Additionally, our expectations of our raiding core:

1.) You want to progress through Heroic/Mythic raids at a reasonable pace with guys that love to banter.
2.) You are prompt, organized, and provide constructive criticism.
3.) You actively contribute to the welfare of the guild. This could be done through helping to gear alts, farm mats for the guild bank, research boss fights, etc.
4.) You read and learn every boss fight before any attempt is made.
5.) You understand your role, and everyone else’s role, in every boss fight.
6.) You can communicate clearly in discord.
7.) You want to pound raid bosses into the ground.

Please feel free to contact us at either of the below methods. We will be more than willing to assist in paying for your server transfers.

Raid Officer: Zaluna
Bnet - bitterneff#1466
Discord - BitterNeff#9593

General Manager: Therapeutics
Bnet: Raychele#1685
Discord - Rayy#0227

Guild Master: Pounderr
Bnet - TCowboy#1505
Discord - jisele#8911
hello Shinerbok

I think <Two Camels in a Tiny Car> might be a guild that would fit your requests and needs

We are a tight knit group. at avg age of 28-30+ bunch of us are married with kids or working professionals. check out our recruitment page below.


and if your are interested I would be more then happy to answer any other question you may have

plz add me on Btag JoK3R#11533

Thanks and take care
The Verdish Empire- Moonguard is a social raiding guild recruiting all levels! We raid casually on Thursdays at 10pm CST and looking to add another day. We are new and looking to fill our ranks! If there is anything you want to get started in the guild let me know! We have several members also interested in pvp and do that from time to time. All levels and interests are welcome to join!

We are especially looking for people to join our raids. We are casual, so attendance is not mandatory. We raid starting at 10pm CST and I am looking at getting another day set up so we can have a day for progress and one for farm. I hope we can progress eventually to mythic level content. We are looking for people of all classes to join. This is casual, but I do want to progress. Attendance is not mandatory, but coming to raid prepared is. By this I mean please research your class and fights.

Ultimately, this is a game and I want anybody who joins us to have fun playing it. I have been in hardcore guilds before and raiding became another job and I did not have the time or energy for that. I do want to progress, but I am not having a race. Anybody who joins my guild I want them to enjoy themselves. Feel free to add me on BNet if you have any questions!

BNET: Kayla#1755

Based on your post I think our guild could be a good fit for you! We are a new guild looking to recruit all for a more casual, social, and semi-serious progression focused guild. We are putting together a core raiding team but are more than happy to recruit players of all levels and play styles. Once we recruit enough members we will be scheduling and organizing guild M+ groups and "open run" nights as well. We plan to also put together a PvP team in the future as our guild grows. I've included a quick guild summary below for your convenience.

<Estratovus> is a new Alliance guild on Sargeras (US) that is currently looking to recruit all for raiding and PvP. We run in a more semi-serious progression focused environment. Even though we raid on the more "casual" basis we do play to succeed and our goal is to push relevant content, including Heroic/Mythic.

Guild Highlights
• Raiding, Dungeons/M+, PvP, World PvP, Xmog Runs, Leveling/Social focuses
• Weekend Raiding (see times below)
• Adult/mature guild (21+) - most of us are working adults
• A more casual environment
• New guild - join and grow/learn with us!
• Returning or new player(s) friendly
• Inclusive "All Are Welcome" Policy - LGBTQ+ friendly
Raid Times:
• Friday from 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM Central/Server Time
• Saturday from 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM Central/Server Time
• Sunday from 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM Central/Server Time (Cleanup Night/As Scheduled)

Recruitment Needs:
• 1 Tank (open to any class)
• 1+ Off-Tank w/DPS Main Spec (open to all classes)
• 1-2+ Healer (Rdruid, MW, Shaman highly preferred but open to all healer specs)
• 1+ Off-Healers w/DPS Main Spec (open to all classes)
• 5+ DPS - all classes/specs considered (preferred boomie, spriest, hunt, mage, lock, and melee)
• Raid Leader(s) - preferably someone who has at least full NM experience to get our group progressing quickly into HM/Mythic. Open to a collaborative or co-leaders setup as well.
• Any players who are interested in casual/fill-in raiding or just need a guild to call home. Willing to help new or returning players.

If you're interested at all feel free to contact either Kotipelto#1337 or Dayereth#1469.

Thanks for your consideration!
Would love to talk to you about my guild when you have the chance, you can add me on btag Buddahpal#1504
<Last Pull> on Kil’Jaeden

Raid Times: Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM (PST)

Faction: Horde

Current Needs:
We need any competent raiders. We have a good group but small. Looking to fill our core to 20 so we can transition to Mythics once we finish off AOTC. Groups welcome.
Currently no DH/Spriest/Hpally/Tree/Enhance/Boomkin

About Us: IMPORTANT NOTE: We don’t maintain a bench team or 2nd group. Anyone willing to put in time with us gets a core spot.

Currently 3/8 H - LF all players who want to get AOTC and move into Mythics.
Prefer mature players of any age that like to clear content without the drama. We are veteran players who have been there & done that. You will find no raging in our raiding.
Main focuses are Raiding – Mythic+ farming – Achievements – Xmog & mount runs.
Looking for good people who want to enjoy content but don’t want the grind of 4+ nights of raiding.

Btag: Innerpeace#11869

To address the environment you are looking for, we are a perfect fit i think. I am the GM and +30 as well as most of our officers, my wife raids as well and we have 2 small kids. We also have another married couple who helped start the guild so are very family/female friendly etc...
Hello :)

Heartbreakers is recruiting! If you're looking for a friendly guild that is non hardcore but a guild that is still into raid progression.

Heartbreakers is a friendly semi hardcore/casual guild. We have three Raid teams, two teams who Raid Tues/Thurs 7pm to 10pm Server time (Mountain Time) and another team who Raids on Weds/Fri 7pm to 10pm server time (Mountain Time) On off days our teams do numerous M+ runs, Arena and battlegrounds with many laughs in discord :)

Team 1: 5/8H
Team 2: 7/8H 1/8M
Team 3: 7/8H

What we are looking for:

Dependable players with good attitudes, if you're looking for a balance between content progression and a fun guild Heartbreakers is the guild for you.


Ranged: Warlocks and a Mage but we will consider any players with good attitudes and performance.

Melee: Warrior, Rogue.

DPS with healing OS, Monk, Druid.

Add my bnet yrreg4791#1858, I look forward to talking to you and possibly raiding with you! :)
Hello there, my name is Nightmere and our Alliance guild <Duality> is recruiting Healer and dps positions for Uldir and further content in BFA. We are a semi-hardcore / casual guild that is progressing in heroic and have hopes to getting into mythic once we reach enough people!

*Our current progression*
- 8/8N Uldir-
- 5/8H Uldir-

*Our raid times*

- Tuesday Optional Alt/Main run. 11pm EST - Until we clear it.
- Wednesdays / Thursdays 9PM - 12pm EST.

*Looting system* : RC loot council, with any personal loot people don't need and can trade.

*Server* : Whisperwind/ Dentarg- Alliance heavy sever.

*Voice Chat* : Team Speak 3

*What we're looking for*
Being on time and prepared for raids. Which Includes :
- Enchanted -
- Gem slots filled -
- Food -
- Flasks -
- Potions -

*Recruiting Classes*
- Holy Palidin / Ret paladin -
- Disc Priest -
- Hunter -
- Enhance Shaman -
Spec not excluded to exceptional players.

We also do regular group content such as Mythic+ dungeons and hang out playing other games with each other as well. If you're interested we could always use more people that'd like to join a gaming community such as ours.

You can contact me here :
Battle.net tag - Vercross#1411
Why hello there! <Keybored Heroes> 8/8N and 7/8H is a raiding guild that consists of veteran players with mythic raiding experience on US-Bleeding Hollow. We are comprised mostly of young adults with lives, job and family, but still want to kick back, relax, and kill lots of internet dragons with friends. We are currently looking for more to fill our roster to continue drama-free, relaxed raiding and gameplay in the upcoming release of BfA. We’re looking to push high mythic+ keys, complete heroic and pushing as far as the group can while avoiding burn out.

We strive to be a drama-free environment, and try not to take ourselves too seriously. We are welcoming of players of all skill levels and time commitments, but still plan to have a raid group that will clear AOTC and the first few Mythic bosses (Casual Mythic progression.) on a 2-nights per week (6 hours total) basis. If you aren’t into raiding, or stand in the fire a lot, we are more than happy to still have you, run keys, and give overly enthusiastic congratulations when you finally get that achievement you’ve been looking for!

Raid Times:

⬛️ Tuesdays: 7:30 PM EST – 10:30 PM EST (Progression.)
⬛️ Thursdays: 7:30 PM EST – 10:30 PM EST (Progression.)

Available Positions:

⬛️ MDPS: Low.
⬛️ RDPS: High.
⬛️ Healers: Medium.
⬛️ Tanks: Closed.


⬛️ Use DBM / BigWiggs
⬛️ Don't stand in fire.
⬛️ Be Gem'd / Enchanted
⬛️ VoIP is required for raiding (We use Discord).
⬛️ Willing to take constructive criticism.
⬛️ Have a thorough understanding of your builds, talents and rotation.

Please feel free to add one of KH’s officers if interested! (Kardnall#1658, Kenjer#1110, HueHefner#1709 on bnet!).
<Drunken Gods> -Horde Area 52-8/8 N 5/8 H


Saturday/Sunday 11:45-3 AM Server

About us
We are a laid back yet raid focused guild who enjoy running mythic+. As the Guild Name suggest we also enjoy adult beverages and ask that all members be 18+ years of age. In guild someone is always online / in discord and all officers are available via discord chat if needed.

Current needs
Tanks: Closed
Healers: Healer with dps offspec
Ranged DPS: Open
Melee DPS: Open
Specific Needs: Warlock & Mage
*Note all roles accepted for casual players / Fill in raiders*

Raid Requirements
*Ability to use Discord.
*Ability to attend 90% of raids.
*Ability to supply self with consumables.
*Stable internet connection.
*Basic understanding of all current content fights.

For more information please contact

Hey there! I think I might have a good option for you...

I run Raidsense on Area 52 horde side, or Alliance side on Proudmoore. Either side would be interested in you!

Alliance side raids Thursdays 8:30pm-11:30pm PST (10:30pm-1:30am CST)
Horde side raids (heroic stuff) raids Saturday 8pm-12am PST (10pm-2am CST).

Age range varies. Alliance side is very casual, Horde side also has a mythic team on Tues/Weds only.

www.raidsense.com to get a better idea of us!


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