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War Mode and World PvP
This isn't a thread about faction imbalance, camping, or any of the things that might drive a person to turn off Warmode in the first place. That's a rich topic that absolutely deserves discussion and this isn't it. This is the "what now?"

The problem I'm going to address is that turning Warmode off kind of breaks the thematic thrust of the xpac. It's one thing to see a bunch of orange nametags you can't interact with in a story where there's a huge over-arching threat you're presumably supposed to be cooperating on at least a little bit, and a degree of detente makes sense. It kinda made sense in Legion -- you could cooperate against the demons, but Greymane/Sylvanas would send you into PVP-flagged zones for their shadow war on the side. But BFA is fundamentally about a massive faction war, an arms race fueled by the lifeblood of the dying planet, indiscriminate elf murder, etc. And then you click a button in Stormwind and almost all of it just totally stops existing.

Expeditions, much as they turned out to kind of be a disaster with no reward, did introduce something really cool, which might be a way to mitigate that: the pseudo-PVP enemy team. What if in KT/Zandalar, Warmode-Off sharded you away from ALL opposite faction players (unless you were in an enemy city etc), but instead the zones were populated by small roving groups of pseudo-PVP mobs?

These groups would obviously be proxies for enemy players. They could draw from a preset list like expeditions, randomly generate from appearance and spec of other Warmode-off players, or both. The purpose would be to keep up the pressure and paranoia of the war, while also offering a more reasonable and surmountable challenge than a full-on mythic geared gank squad. Scale them to the size of the in-combat group like rares.

They could patrol roads and hang out near WQ zones, ambush you on the road or in combat, be fighting the quest mobs themselves before you got there. Some try to flee. Pseudo-raids could attack towns but be repelled by relatively small player groups. They obviously shouldn't be worth actual honor/conquest, but they could drop some novelty stuff or even some bluediator gear up to 325. Some could attack solo and fight on the level of a rare spawn. The only real restriction is that they shouldn't crowd too densely or frequently -- maybe scale the spawn rates based on who in the area has most recently fought one.

There's a lot of personality that could be done here. Maybe spawn a small handful of them on summoning stones if nobody is nearby. They panic when a player mythic group rolls up, and after they're all dead or escape into the portal, the guy they were trying to summon spawns in and is completely unresponsive for several seconds while you beat him senseless.

With WM Off, obviously the point is to be a thematic substitute for PVP and, you know, the war you're opting out of. But having these guys around in Warmode too wouldn't really detract from PVP already happening either. A few twists could even spice it up, breathe some character and chaos into what's already there, and ease some of the frustrations that drive people away from it in the first place.

Mobs attached to WQs would attempt to assist players of the same faction and briefly leash to them until they leave the quest border. When you get jumped by players, check current local faction imbalance and how often you've been killed by players lately, and have a chance to spawn in a one-off counter-gank squad that tries to ride in and save you. Detect an occupied town based on player kills inside it, and over time pseudo-players start coming in to try and take it back, slowly ramping up in number and power, and stick around for a bit after enemy forces thin before FP'ing or hearthing out.

The only real caveat is that these PVP spawns should drop absolutely nothing so people aren't materially incentivized to grief people for drops. It wouldn't (and shouldn't) stop attacks -- but would try and make them a bit more transient than the extended nonstop gankfests. Even just having a built-in way to try and forcefully balance the scales eventually would cut down on a lot of the frustration of these long town occupations where anyone who isn't a stealth class can't get their stuff done, and that in turn might bolster the faction participation rates that can drop too low and exacerbate it.

Waste of time ppl would just ignore it
Interesting idea. My question is, would people go for it?
10/07/2018 06:52 AMPosted by Mercelída
Waste of time ppl would just ignore it

Whether it takes well or not is a valid question, but how exactly would people ignore an enemy hit squad that spawns nearby, does not follow traditional aggro/leash radius or threat tables, and actively prioritizes and pursues you even if you (or they) were already in combat with something else? The whole point is to be something you mechanically cannot ignore the way WM-Off currently ignores the actual war.
The big reason folks turn it off is wqs. Getting ganked as you lvl is nothing new and its accepted as something that happens in pvp. Wqs are different. With a combo of blizzs "farm for azerite" and wqs being open to both factions in both zones often times overlapping quest areas for that faction it litterally grinds peoples prgression to a halt.

And the only real answere to avoid this is simply turn it off. With wqs a constant slaughter fest theres no reason for people to turn it back on.
I'm not arguing that much. Making all three of your home factions completely useless and gating everything important behind the opposite continent's WQs exacerbated what was already a pretty clumsy setup that invited these rotating death squads in the first place. I only turn WM off for summoning to mythics, but outside of that I've never been so glad I rolled a stealthable class.

What I'm getting at though is that when you turn off Warmode, the entire point of the expansion is suddenly a complete 100% nonentity. Once you finish the initial foothold questlines, nothing compelling really exists within the game's core loop to really feel like a war. This is less of a war than when we were explicitly supposed to have a truce, because at least Genn and Sylvanas were slapfighting behind the scenes. That's what this idea is trying to address.

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