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So far I've tried using Swim Speed Potion, Darkwater Potion, Laying on Hands, Divine Shield, and Darkwater Skate. I can never reach the damn thing before the Fatigue does me in.

Having spent three days on the Uuno quest and this one, I really don't want to simply give up, but if anyone who has gotten through this can even give some advice, I'd appreciate it. Seriously.

And no, I do not have an Underlight Angler, Sea Turtle, or the recipe for Feast of the Fishes.
I got it on my hunter but only after changing to the Trailblazer talent which gives increased movement speed and using a hunter pet that also gives an increase to speed, and an underwater mount. Like you the swim speed potion didn't help me much. I'm wondering though if you could use a warlock to drop a gate for you half way down or even soulstone you so you could rez for a few seconds and grab the last stone. It took me many tries to get it too. As for swimming/underwater mounts Galissa Sundew in Darkmoon Faire will sell a Darkwater Skate for 500 Daggermaw Fish. It's what I used and it did seem to help. The Daggermaw are not hard to fish up and you may even find some on the AH.
Not sure the gate would work... I'll let you know if it does.
Wowhead recommends a Felslate Anchor. Note that the pebble is on the literal back of the ship, not on the deck. I think I just used the Underlight Angler, but it's not really any different from other swim speed mechanisms I don't believe.
Do you have the bfa research thing for 20% extra mount speed for 5 minutes when you land? I made sure as soon as I landed that I booked it for the ship,
that extra bit helped. Once you get to the coordinates above the ship, drop underwater and use your underwater mount. At the end if you need, pop your bubble for a few more seconds to survive.
Yup - that one stopped me cold too.

I tried all the mounts, feasts, potions, blah blah blah and I even bought the sea mount and spent a fortune on Feast of the Fishes with nothing working.

The one thing that did work was the Leatherworking Diving Suit and Diving Helmet.

Diving Suits and Helmets were very inexpensive on the AH (I think Leatherworkers use them to level the profession?) I spent about 40 gold for 10 suits and helmets (I expected I would need that many attempts lol) but I got it the first try.

It was very close - I managed to grab the pebble an instant before fatigue killed me, but I got it the first try.

The good news is the rest of the pebbles after that one seem stupidly easy :D
I used an underwater mount and the blacksmith item that give a 20% mount speed boost. Went out to just the fatigue zone backed up to the safe area then went down to the bottom there and went straight to the boat. Since I died many time before trying so I knew exactly where I wanted to go.
Thanks for all the ideas, everyone, I finally managed it using the Angler's Raft and a purchased Feast of the Fishes. Someone online pointed out that the Raft doesn't count as a mount, so you can set a Feast while using it. I actually had enough time to hearth out after getting the pebble.

And yes, players with the Leatherworking skill can make diving suits and helmets, which are very useful in other places

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