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Altar of Storms, Anetheron, Magtheridon, and Ysondre
Not sure if people really look at this forum? I'll post here anyway in case y'all do!

Two friends and I have become more casual players in this expansion (mainly due to my work/school schedule) and we decided to push M+'s.

We miss having consistent players to run with that don't make the same mistake twice, can cc, know how to move out of bad and so forth. Our attempts at pugging M+ hasn't been going so well with the highest we have done being 7s.

That being said we're looking for a guild/community that runs M+ and pushes keys. We may even like to come in to run Normal or Heroic raids, if allowed. The guild we are in isn't a bad guild, its our own guild of friends, but only the 3 of us really play and the other guy that does play is planning to go back Horde.

If it matters our classes are:
Resto Druid
Prot/Ret Pally
Assassination Rogue

I know our raider io isn't too high, but I would like to think we are pretty decent players. We raided Mythic in Legion and cleared 15+ keys then, but all of those friends are Horde and we chose to be Ally this time around. Please help us stay Ally!

My btag is Dolce#1503 or in game as this character
Hey Blue Unrefined has been looking to beef up our roster for M+ and heroic raiding, none of us have the time anymore for hardcore raid schedules but we push higher keys each week and run Heroic on Sunday evenings.

If interested contact my GM StrykerBlue#1984 he is usually on in the evenings about 7 or 8 pm or I'm usually on earlier or Archrival-Magtheridon (Main Tank/High Council) Popae-Magtheridon (High Council)
Hey! I've sent you a Btag friend request, might have what you're looking for!

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