[H] <Wing It> 3/8M is recruiting!

We are currently 8/8 & 3/8M in Uldir and we plan to advance further into Mythic.


What are our goals? We are a Mythic progression guild that wants to be clearing Heroic each raid tier as quickly as possible while progressing Mythic at our own pace. We won't be server first and we might not even be top 5 on the server, but our goal is to be at least top 10 on Hyjal.

We aren't seeking players who simply want a free ride. If you legitimately and genuinely believe that you are a competent player then we do want you, but if your expectations for yourself were far higher than your actual competency levels, don't expect us to drag you across the finish line.

What classes/specs are we looking for? We will consider any strong DPS for raid spots. If you're good, we will notice and we will bring you to raids - potentially even Mythic.

Besides that, there are classes that we do need specifically:

  • Havoc Demon Hunter
  • Rogue
  • BM Hunter
  • Mage
  • Warlock
  • Boomkin
  • -
    Things that make you more attractive to us: Having logs that can be referenced in your WarcraftLogs profile, previous heroic/mythic experience, relevant Heart of Azeroth levels, correct gearing priorities. However, these things are not a requirement to join.

    Our raid times are Tuesday/Thursday at 6-9pm PST (8-11pm CT, 9pm-12am EST).

    Final disclaimer: We are NOT kid friendly. We are also not the guild for you if you're a person who is easily offended by any form of joke.

    Please contact Slizzed, Soulari, or Thyethan on the server Hyjal or add my BattleTag: Gallowz#1412
    We are now 2/8 Mythic!

    Still looking for players to fill core Mythic raiding spots.
    Bumping - Still recruiting!
    Recruiting ranged DPS and a Havoc DH! Contact me via btag if you're interested!
    We are looking for some ranged DPS, a Rogue, and a Havoc DH! Add my Btag!
    Core ranged DPS spots still open as well as a spot for a skilled Demon Hunter and Rogue!

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