Leaving! Good Luck to you all.

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Not that very many of you will care….or even take the time to read this post. I felt compelled to make it due to the sorry state in which I feel the game is in. I don’t usually post on the forums in any great length but I am leaving to FF14 and wanted to get my voice heard because I used to truly love this game and the world.

The following is the reasons I am leaving the game and odds are will only return for Classic WoW:

Azerite Armor:
I feel like Blizzard took a system in the game and said “Lets take something that is not broken and BREAK IT”. The system I am referring to is Tier sets. Tier sets were class identic and something to look forward to in the game and I loved seeing all the unique sets and people running around in them.
Azerite Armor is essentially what you would normally get as a Tier set bonus but now they have added a grind to even them. Not only do you have to grind to even get the piece that you want, BUT wait there is more! You also get to grind to unlock the abilities in the Azerite armor. This essentially makes getting an item upgrade in Azerite armor entirely unenjoyable. You get the piece and don’t even want to equip it due to losing the very abilities or passives that you already had ground Azerite to get in the first place. You are literally grinding over and over everytime you get a new piece for the SAME ABILITIES.

Island Expeditions:
These are simply not enjoyable. You literally created zones for MOB GRINDING. That’s all it is. There isn’t anything else to them, not only that you made them the most efficient way to get Azerite. Does everyone actually realize that???? You que up to GRIND MOBS. And fill a bar. It’s a ZONE dedicated to what you do in half the WORLD QUESTS. They made an ENTIRE NEW FEATURE doing what you used to do in the open world. Grind for mounts, pets, and azerite. I was utterly shocked when I realized that’s all it was. Where is this amazing new AI that was toted? You made the NPCs target the guy in a healer spec…..thats the only difference I see. They run away from you and target healers…..what.


Crafting has never been so pointless. Or so….simple. Like there’s no real depth to it at all. At least in Legion you had to go into dungeons and there were crafting quests. These just seemed to have been tossed to the side. I really can’t say much more on them because that’s all there is to it. Theres nothing…..

In my 12 years of playing this game I have never seen the classes in as sorry of state as they are now. Even when every class only had one Viable spec in vanilla they were better than they are now. You released an expansion (I don’t have a shaman but I have seen all the blues on it) where classes were literally so out of line in balancing that you have to have discussion after discussion on it? I am dumbfounded how this has happened after 12 years and no new abilities gained from Legion??

Thematically and visually very awesome. Execution is just so dull. It feels so disjointed from the base game as well. It truly feels like just a battleground that doesn’t have anything to do with the current storyline in the expansion. All the systems in the Warfront are very unengaging. It feels like Wintergrasp 2.0 but you don’t get to fight the opposing factions players. Entirely too boring. (At least in Wintergrasp you got to control the vehicles you created lol)

Heroic Dungeons:
Why have them at this point? You have literally negated their usefulness. When you made 340 pieces drop like candy off of Arathi highlands rares. Where is the feeling of progression? Is it only there in Mythic+ and raids? Is that it?

It is never fun to get a piece of gear now. You used to be able to see a boss drop and go ok im going to grind this guy until he drops the piece of gear I need. Or save up DKP and then purchase it. No big deal. You knew that you now have the piece of gear you have. Even if that item is a BiS if it doesn’t warforge or titanforge complete waste. It doesn’t matter. Not only do items have a CHANCE to drop you also have to hop to god that they get the thousands of other tiny rolls behind it. Meaning that it has to roll perfectly.
• Tetiary stats have to roll right
• Did it GOD FORGE SUPER SAYAIN TITAN WARRIOR FORGE? Or did it just warforge? Thats crap.
And all of those have separate chances to get.

For these reasons and a lot more….don’t even get me started on the social systems that have been introduced to the game that have completely broken server communities or making new friends. I am leaving.

I hope to see it change back to what made WoW great for so many years.

However I doubt they will come.

I will see you all in Classic!!!!
Winds be at your back wherever you go.
Adios vaya con dios
See you in 8.1
Can I have your gold?
I do agree with quite a few of those points you made. I honestly don't even know why I bother playing the game, grinding wqs every day isn't exactly "fun".
Good luck!
Clear and well thought out feedback. Yet another example of what Blizzard claims to want and yet never seems to appreciate or use.
These are legit points; I agree with a lot of the points you made. Really areas of the game that I hope will improve but probably won't (Azerite gets more rings in 8.1 too).
Wow, I kind of expected to come back to my computer being flamed to oblivion lol
ok bye, cya u in 8.1
Best of luck to you PONCY Blood Elf.
10/25/2018 08:04 PMPosted by Kathyna
ok bye, cya u in 8.1

There it is . lol
Bye Felicia, I will see you when you get back from Classic.
10/25/2018 08:10 PMPosted by Orctang
Bye Felicia, I will see you when you get back from Classic.

I won’t be back lol
(gives OP a little box of cookies to go!)

Take care friend and good luck wherever you go! You also made some very good points in your post.
10/25/2018 07:40 PMPosted by Tavlyne

You mean, like my bracers?
Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.
-John Donne
10/26/2018 06:07 AMPosted by Kushiela
Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.
-John Donne

death is the solution to all problems. no man, no problem


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