If I run a RBG Tournament, would you join?

I've been wanting to run tournaments for a while and I'm at the point where I can finally make it happen. My stream is doing well and money is doing alright despite the crypto bear market.

Would any of you be interested in participating in an rbg war game tournament run by me? Obviously it's free and here the rules I was thinking:

1st place is $200 (in crypto like litecoin/bitcoin) per player , $100 for the bench players
2nd place is $100 per player, 50$ for the bench players
3rd place and later, none

I'd run it for 2 days. Day 1 would be a best of 3 or something between 6-8 teams and the final 2 compete for day 2, where they fight it out for first place. Since I'm funding this myself, I can't afford to pay that much but i want players to play in an esport, even if it's low stakes.

Map and player format would be as follows:

Warsong Gulch 9v9 (I need 1 spot open for myself so I can enter game and observe commentate, limitation due to war game mode/map)
Battle for gilneas 9v9
twin peaks 9v9
Silvershard mines 9v9
Temple of Kotmogu 9v9

Eye of the storm 9v9 or 14v14 (Undecided player format as I want to see larger bg fights!)
Arathi basin 9v9 or 14v14 (undecided)
Isle of conquest 14v14 (I may add my own 25 minute time limit, highest reinforce score wins)
Alterac Valley 14v14 (I may add my own 25 minute time limit, highest reinforce score wins)

The obvious benefit of 14v14 is more chaos and the effect of -1 teammates is reduced much more, making a fairer balance. This is also why the "bench" players who don't get to lay in the 9v9 all the time are entered for the 14v14.

I would then allow pick /bans of maps, with at least 1 map being a 14v14 (best of 3 format so that's 2x 9v9's and 1x 14v14) would make for some interesting content.

Assuming blizzard allows me to do something like this, would you watch it on my stream? Would you sign up and participate? I'm trying to gauge interest. I've been streaming for 8 months now and I'm getting that rbg itch and I'm not really into arenas.

If I get a lot of sign ups, I would prioritize the teams with the highest RBG ratings according to wow leaderboards or the wow armory rankings. I'd pick say... the top 6-8. I'd have to math out how many games and hours this would take to resolve on day 1 but if each bg is 15-25 minutes, it'd take on average 1 hour or less to resolve every 2 teams.

So let's see... Day 1 8 teams at best of 3 each: that's 4 winners which would take 4 hours to resolve. Not bad!

Day 2: team 1 and 2 fight it out best of 3, team 3 and 4 best of 3, that's 2 hours
Then the final 2 teams fight it out best of 5 (will allow the loser of game 4 and game 5 to pick the next map since we run out of maps) to take the first place prize.

The sign up form can be google docs or something simple. Thanks for reading if you made it this far down. Letme know what you folks think. If I see enough interest I'll make it happen.

Indicate if you would watch/participate sign up or whatnot. The more interest, then I'll do it. If nobody cares and quit wow, well then nothing happens.
Sign me up amigo :)
Trimac #1537
9v9 would be odd
Not trying to be a downer, but you might want to consider bringing someone in who knows a bit more about the bracket to commentate. This would be like a 1550 player commentating at Blizzcon for the arena grand finals. It just seems like it would be sloppy. I don't doubt your ability to organize it, game knowledge doesn't need to be at the top for that, but the commentating may not be the best imo.
Yea I would be down to join but when it comes to these type of things I would need a Solid time-frame

I guess i'll post my btag if you want to add me anyways - JMack#1769 - anyone is welcome to add but pls let me know who u are if I accept, All Alliance/Horde welcome to add for BG's/Rated/Mythics, etc. Guardian Horde Druid and my Spriest here
Hrmm, interesting set of responses. I'll keep this thread alive for a couple of weeks to get a good sample size of interest.

I also forgot to add deepwind gorge and seething shore (2 hated maps apparently) to the rotation. To keep it consistent I'll make them both 9v9 though deepwind gorge is more balanced at 14v14.

I peaked at 1703 cr this season after coming back to wow pre-patch BFA. I quit wow after cata came out, so it's a long hiatus. I got high warlord (rank 14) under the old system, my account got hacked and then I kind of didn't care for a while and missed the bnet upgrade and that made me lose the entire account, resulting in a full wipe.

I was offered a gladiator carry if I rerolled horde, which I'm currently leveling (I haven't posted on her yet because she's currently level 103 and the burn out is getting there) and the gladiator can also teach me some things. Since alliance are quitting rbgs (talent is scarce) it's taking its toll on me as well, making it hard to form cooperative, skilled groups. So trust me, I will know how to commentate and entertain despite not having much experience in say... Arenas (which I don't like doing). It'll be a good learning experience for everyone and everyone will get great laughs.

The warmode and phasing system will be the biggest issue to starting matches. I think if I have the leaders of both teams added to btag, and we meet in new dalaran, hopefully they will both see each other to do the /wg command. That's the biggest issue I worry about. Any addons or other help on this regard can contribute immensely to this so letme know in a reply if you know something I could use to ease this problem. (stealth edit, in fact if both team leaders add each other to btag also, and meet in same place, then i think they can see each other?)

I read the requirements for a blizzard tourney license, looks pretty laid back (community is less than $10k in prizes and is 1 time/short which is exactly what this is) and therefore I see no issue with getting one.

Here's a sample of what I did a couple of weeks back, imagine the skill level at 2400+ !

https://youtu.be/ty-CGZmBR90?t=8204 (back and forth and there's bonus ninjas a few minutes later, my proudest moment so far this season)
and https://youtu.be/ty-CGZmBR90?t=11583 where we were at one point down 500-600 points before we rallied to a nail biter victory. I didn't notice they were down 1 player at one point though, which was a shame, but insane game nonetheless. Kudos to the horde for basically winning most of the time despite being down 1 player.

Moments like these are something I want to experience and everyone else in the community. It'd be super cool and fun.

I've taken more or less a break from rbgs past couple of weeks due to constant undermining and harsh mmrs. Hopefully the new pvp changes will revitalize things a bit.

Assuming this thing can get off the ground, i'd recommend getting btags. The input form, to keep things simple will be I will have the leader of the group include their names+realm, the names+realm of potential teammates , links to armory/wow leaderboards to check Current Rating, highest BFA season 1 rating, and the litecoin address of each person so if they get 2nd/1st place, I can immediately payout the winning prizes. If a person doesn't include their litecoin address you don't get paid your prize money, as I do not want to have 10 people go "hey i'll get you it within a week" and it becomes extremely disruptive to my schedule. A ltc address is free and takes like 2 minutes to get if you don't want to go with a hardware wallet. Obviously I can make exceptions if a person disconnects, can't get back on, and you get a ringer to fill.

I'll also request a gm look over everything during hte tournament or at least add notes so everything goes smooth and nobody runs into inadvertent trouble. I've never run this before so I want to make sure everyone has a good experience.

Oh and one other thing, since this isn't a tournament realm, you'll have to go in with whatever gear you have. It's unfortunate but luckily wow gets more balanced the more players there are. I will try to keep the mmrs/crs of all participants within some kind of band (+/- 200-400?). That might mean if the avg cr/highest rating of applicants is say 1800-2100, i may not let the 2700 cr/hr come since they will just basically auto win the tournament and that's no fun to watch or participate in.

In the future if this takes off I will obviously allow more teams and wider ranges with brackets but blizzard is going to need help me with the logistics of organizing that. But that's for like way later.

Keep the replies coming. Thanks.
I also ran out of space last post:

Everyone will have 1-2 weeks to fill out the form and the tournament will take place I think on Saturday and Sunday, 4pm eastern United States time (my time zone) so west coasters it will be 1pm for them and most people have weekends off. I think that should be good for everyone. Obviously, this is full NA mode but if you want to get in EU/Oceania teammates etc, go for it but they adjust to my time zone and schedule.
I’d highly recommend sticking with the 10v10 system.

It’s what everyone’s used to building and balancing around and will most likely prevent any unexpected hurdles for yourself on complaints with comps and strategy. It would be best to stick what everyone is used to being the 10v10 Plattform
It's an interesting idea but 9v9 seems like it would be a challenge. There use to be Arena Spectator addons that would work with War Games. I don't think any of them have been updated in a few years though, unfortunately.
9v9 would be a challenge, and finding 10 players for your roster is already hard. cant imagine trying to fill 14
9v9 could throw a whole comp off

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